Companion Animals

Companion animals which includes dogs and cats, are an important part of our community and many people enjoy having a companion animal for fun, companionship and security. It is important however, that all companion animal owners practice responsible pet ownership.

The following information is provided as a resource to educate companion animal owners about how to be a responsible pet owner.

Please click on the following links:

  • Subsidised desexing program for companion animals - Apply now
  • Pet Registration/Microchipping
    Information you need to know about microchipping and registering your pet in Liverpool City
  • Responsible Pet Ownership
    Tips to remember regarding responsible pet ownership and fines that apply for irresponsible pet ownership
  • Barking Dogs
    Information about reporting nuisance barking dogs to Council and hiring citronella dog collars
  • Nuisance animals
    Information about what is classified as a nuisance animal (cat or dog)
  • Animal education programs
    Information about Council's animal management education programs
  • Injured/Lost Animals
    Information about who to contact about an injured animal and what to do if you have lost your pet or have a dead animal for collection on public property
  • Off-leash dog exercise areas
    Information about the location of off-leash dog exercise areas in Liverpool City
  • Contacts Help List
    Help list contacts of animal services and groups