Nuisance Animals

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A nuisance dog is one that:

  • Is habitually at large
  • Makes a noise, by barking or otherwise, that persistently occurs or continues to such a degree or extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of any person in any other premises
  • Repeatedly defecates on property (other than a public place) outside the property on which it is ordinarily kept
  • Endangers the health of any person or animal (other than vermin and, in relation to an animal, otherwise than in the course of droving, tending, working or protecting stock)
  • Repeatedly causes substantial damage to anything outside the property on which it is ordinarily kept.

Dog attacks

All dog attacks must be phoned directly through to 1300 36 2170.


Responsible Cat Ownership

Liverpool City Council  encourages responsible cat ownership and recommend owners take the following steps so that their cat has a minimal impact on its surrounding environment, including our neighbours.

  • Ensure that your cat is microchipped and registered. Put a collar and tag on your cat. This helps to identify feral/domestic pets.
  • Desex your cat at an early age. You will not have the worry about unwanted kittens and it reduces the chances of having a non desexed male hanging around marking his territory and yowling at inconvenient hours. Desexing male cats at an early age will reduce involvement in cat fights and the tendency of your cat to wander looking for a female.
  • Keep your cat indoors at night. Cats tend to cause the most damage to the environment during the night. Cats are natural born hunters so by keeping them in at night greatly reduces their impulse to hunt.
  • Ensure your cat has adequate food, water and shelter at all times.