Liverpool Animal Shelter

puppies and cat


All companion animals for the Liverpool Local Government Area are cared for at:

Liverpool Animal Shelter
402 Bringelly Rd Austral NSW 2179
(02) 9606 6118


If you have lost your dog or cat we strongly advise you visit the shelter in person during standard business hours to check if they are in care.

If your pet it missing for more than 72 hours you can notify any of the following organisations to report them as “Missing” against their microchip:

  • Liverpool City Council’s Customer Service Centre – 1300 36 2170
  • Animal Welfare League – 8899 3333
  • Liverpool Animal Shelter – 9606 6118
  • RSPCA - 9770 7555


If you have found an animal please bring it to our facility at the earliest opportunity.  Members of the public are not allowed to hold on to animals for an indefinite period of time, and fines do apply.


All injured animals should be reported to the following organisations:

  • Animal Welfare League 8899 333 or RSPCA 9770 755 – dogs, cats and livestock
  • WIRES 8977 3333 – native species, birds, bats and reptiles
  • Sydney Metro Wildlife – 9413 4300

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