Light Traffic Roads

Certain roads in the Liverpool area have been designated as light traffic roads.

These roads have been designated with a three (3) tonne load limit.

Any vehicle that has a tare (empty) weight greater than 3 tonne cannot travel on these roads unless they have a destination on that road, or an alternate route is not available.

The Roads Transport (Mass Loading and Access) regulation explains that if an alternate route is available, then the driver must take the alternate route, regardless of how far out of the way it may be.

Most residential streets have not been designed to take heavy traffic, and using these designated roads as shortcuts disturbs residents and damages the road infrastructure.

Council Rangers regularly patrol these roads and pull over offending vehicles.

Council Rangers are Authorised Officers for enforcing these provisions.  This power has been conferred on Council by the RTA.

If a Council Ranger indicates for you to stop, failure to do so may result in further action being taken against the owner of the vehicle.