Footpath Parking

Placing vehicles and other items on the footpath / nature strip is dangerous to pedestrians as well as being illegal.  Motorists need to ensure that the footpath area is kept clear for people to walk.  Council receives numerous complaints in relation to vehicles parked on footpaths and nature strips.

The Road Rules define a footpath / nature strip as an area between the road and adjacent land, meaning the area between your letterbox and the roadway, not just a concrete path.

Where Council identifies a recurring issue, a warning letter MAY be sent to an entire street. However, a warning may not always apply, based on danger to the public and other road users.  Where major problems occur, residents need to make alternate arrangements for parking of vehicles.  Random patrols are carried out and vehicles that are observed parking on footpaths / nature strips, will receive a fine.”

“The streets are too narrow and if we park on the road, no-one can get through.”

This is a common example of the reasons offered to Council for parking on the footpath / nature strip.  However, Council Officers have inspected many streets and find that numerous residents do not park in their garage, but have converted it to a spare lounge, home gym or home office. If all residents utilised their garages for parking their vehicles, then the majority of vehicles would be off the road, ensuring the free flow of traffic.

The parking of motor vehicles on the road side and offering them for sale is an offence. Where Council identify specific areas that are being used, Council may erect signage prohibiting the activity, or take further enforcement action. This only applies to areas that are being specifically used for selling vehicles and does not apply to a person's home.