Parking Enforcement

The NSW Road Rules 2008 clearly define the way motorists need to travel on roads, as well as defining various parking offences that may be committed. Council's Rangers and Parking Patrol Officers are delegated to enforce illegal parking. Council Officers work 7 days per week. Some common offences that are misunderstood include:

  • Double Parking - A driver shall not stop between a parked car and the middle of the road. (You cannot stop to wait for a parking space to become available, it must already be available. A person cannot get in or out of the vehicle).
  • No Stopping - A driver shall not stop in an area where No Stopping Signs apply. (You cannot stop at all, even for a short time whilst a person gets in or out of the vehicle).
  • Stop on path/strip in a built up area - A driver shall not stop on a footpath / nature strip area (it does not matter whether or not there is a concrete path, or the street is narrow. This area is for pedestrians, not vehicles).

Council's Complaince Officers and Parking Officers take a photograph of every offence. You may apply for a copy of the photograph, prior to appealing a fine, by completing a 'Request for infringement notice photograph' form, and paying the administrative fee.