Roads, Traffic and Parking

This section contains information on traffic and transport management, road network, parking management and road safety in the Liverpool Local Government Area.

Light Traffic Roads

Certain roads in the Liverpool area have been designated as light traffic roads.

These roads have been designated with a three (3) tonne load limit.

Any vehicle that has a tare (empty) weight greater than three tonne cannot travel on these roads unless they have a destination on that road, or an alternate route is not available.

The Roads Transport (Mass Loading and Access) Regulation 2005 explains that if an alternate route is available, then the driver must take the alternate route, regardless of how far out of the way it may be.

Council Rangers regularly patrol these roads and pull over offending vehicles.

Council Rangers are Authorised Officers for enforcing these provisions.


Free parking

Council has made some major changes to its ticketed parking making it easier for motorists visiting the city centre and supporting local businesses. You can take advantage of free parking on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Motorists must display a 15-minute ticket in order to qualify for the free parking.  To obtain your 15-minute free parking ticket press the minus "-" button followed by the "Print" button and display the ticket on the dash of your car.

52 Scott St

Free parking is now available at the southern end of the city centre on the weekends from 5.30am to midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

Free Bus

Council offer a free shuttle bus from Collimore car park to the corner of George and Moore Streets in the morning and a return bus in the afternoon. Patrons are asked to assemble at the bus zone near Collimore Park in the morning and George Street (near Black Rose Café) in the afternoon.

Mobility Parking Scheme permit

To obtain a Mobility Parking Permit, apply with Service NSW.

There are 75 mobility spaces in the heart of the CBD, including off-street car parks. There is an additional on-street space on the southern side of Moore Street just west of Northumberland Street.

A valid Mobility Parking Scheme Label must be clearly displayed on the vehicle.

Parking permits

Liverpool City Council aims to improve parking availability for residents, visitors and business operators within the City Centre by introducing a range of permits through Council's Permit Parking Policy. A major objective is to improve availability of on-street parking for residents who do not have access to any off-street parking.


Parking Information for Taxi Operators

Car parks

Liverpool Car Park Map

Footpath and Naturestrips

Parking vehicles on the footpath and nature strip is dangerous to pedestrians as well as being illegal. Motorists need to ensure that the footpath and naturestrip is kept clear.

The NSW Government parking rules defines a footpath and nature strip as an area between the road and adjacent land, meaning the area between your letterbox and the roadway.

Parking enforcement

The NSW Road Rules parking offences that may be committed.

Council's Rangers and Parking Patrol Officers are delegated to enforce illegal parking seven days a week. Some common offences that are misunderstood include:

  • Double Parking -  don't stop between a parked car and the middle of the road. You cannot stop to wait for a parking space to become available, it must already be available. A person cannot get in or out of the vehicle;
  • No Stopping - don't stop in the area where a no stopping sign is present. You cannot stop at all, even for a short time whilst a person gets in or out of the vehicle;
  • Stop on path/strip in a built up area - don't stop on a footpath or nature strip. It doesn't matter whether or not there is a concrete path, or the street is narrow. This area is for pedestrians, not vehicles.

Council's Complaince Officers and Parking Officers take a photograph of every offence. You may apply for a copy of the photograph, prior to appealing a fine, by completing a Request for Infringement Notice Photograph form.