Off leash dog areas

Dogs are an important part of the lives of many Liverpool residents. Liverpool City Council recognises the benefits off-leash areas have on the health and well-being of dogs. Exercising your dog regularly relieves boredom and reduces aggressive behaviour.

There are four designated off-leash areas in Liverpool where dogs can socialise and exercise off-leash while still under the close supervision of their owner. Note: Declared dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs are not permitted:

  • Lieutenant Cantello Reserve, Stewart Avenue Hammondville Running20dogs
  • Hoxton Park Recreation Reserve, Wilson Road Hinchinbrook
  • Macleod Park, Ulladulla Drive, Prestons
  • Miller Park, Cabramatta Avenue, Miller

These off-leash areas are part of a range of

facilities and sporting fields at these parks.

Off Leash Dog Exercise Areas

Lieutenant Cantello Reserve

Entrance20to20Lt20Cantello20ReserveLocation: Stewart Avenue, Hammondville (UBD ref: 270 F15)

It is bounded by the M5 Motorway to the north, the Georges River and Williams Creek to the east and the south, and urban development to the west. It is a passive recreation area with car parking and amenities.

Facilities of dog off-leash area include;

  • Dog agility exercise equipment
  • Secure fenced area
  • Seating
  • Sheltered area
  • Water tub
  • Bag dispenser

This reserve is  named after a WW2 pilot Lieutenant George Leo Cantello who crashed his plane in this area while fighting to save Sydney from an attack by the Japanese. In 1998 a memorial plaque in memory of 1st Lieutenant Cantello was unveiled as part of a Bicentennial project.

Pictures of Lt. Cantello Reserve off-leash area:


Hoxton Park Recreation Reserve

Hoxton20Park20Reserve20playground Location: Wilson Road, Hinchinbrook (UBD ref: 267 M5)

Located on the corner of Hoxton Park and Wilson Roads, it is directly under the M7 motorway and at the gateway to the release areas to the west of Liverpool. This off-leash area was established in 2008. Hoxton Park Recreation Reserve has several sporting fields with floodlights for night time use. There is also a sheltered BBQ area, playground equipment, car park and amenity building.

Facilities of dog off-leash area include;

  • Dog agility exercise equipment
  • Secure fenced area
  • Seating
  • Sheltered area

Pictures of Hoxton Park Recreation Reserve off-leash area:


Weaving20poles Jumping20ramp Dog20agility20exercise20equipment

Macleod Park

Location: Ulladulla Dr, Prestons NSW

Miller Park

Location: Cabramatta Avenue, Miller

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