Sports and fields

Liverpool has more than 50 playing fields for a range of sports including soccer, cricket, netball, hockey,rugby, baseball, athletics and tennis.  These fields are available for private hire and casual use for the community and local clubs.

Facilities are also available for skateboarding, cycling, swimming and other hobbies, as well as fitness centres.

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  • List of Sporting Fieldsbaseball
    This section contains a listing of all the sporting fields available in the Liverpool local government area, including location, sports played at the field and facilities available.
  • Sporting Organisations
    This section contains a directory listing of sporting organisations in the Liverpool local government area.
  • Fitness and Personal Trainers
    Does your fitness trainer have a permit to use a ground in Liverpool? If not, there is no guarantee they are qualified to carry out physical instruction. Click here to see which trainers in Liverpool have a permit for hire.