Event Organisers Information Kit Guidelines

Liverpool City Council Events Information Kit for External Event Organisers

The Events Kit, will provide a step by step process on what is required to hold public events on Council land. This document is a guide and council may vary procedures and time frames.The document is intended to assist event organisers to understand the process behind Events planning and also Council approvals. However, Council Events Standards 2017/2018 document will replace the above document which should be available later this year. Application will be requried to be submit Application Online through Council's E/planning porthole.

Important information - Applicants must consult with Events and Approvals Officer before submitting applications to review event consept, venues and dates. Venues are not confirmed until applications have been submitted in full. It is strongly recommended that applications are submitted ASAP to avoid missing out on venue bookings.

Liverpool City Council also sponsors community events. Click here for more information.

Approved Events on Council Land Calendar

Only Events which have been given approval are permitted to advertise. This page is updated on a regular basis, events not listed may be under review before being granted approval.

New External Event Application Form

All  event applications attract a compulsory fee of $205.05 non-refundable for assessment.

Payment must be made when submitting application forms an relevant information in person at cutomer service, other fees will apply such as park bookings, bonds and section 68 application fees.

Advertising proposed Event before approval is granted is not permitted, permission will not be granted if events are advertised without Liverpool Council consent.

Before submitting application you must organise to meet with Events Projects Officer to review your event and check availability of land. Phone;  (02) 9821 9113.

events@liverpool.nsw.gov.au or perezj@liverpool.nsw.gov.au

Expression of interest
Mobile Food Vehicles Liverpool City Council Local Government

Liverpool City Council is committed to supporting local business whilst activating street life and public space activities, with unique experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Mobile food vehicles play an important role in creating vibrancy and activity by providing an efficient, high quality and accessible food service for visitors and the local community.

Due to the popularity of mobile food vehicle businesses, Liverpool City Council has developed a Mobile Food Vehicles Policy which enables food truck operators to apply for a maximum of 12 months permit to operate on designated public spaces.

The maximum number of mobile food vehicle operators that can apply has been restricted to a maximum of 20 in the Liverpool Government area.

This Expression of Interest applies to Council owned or controlled public lands.

Important information before completing application

Liverpool Council Mobile Food Vehicle Policy 2017

Permit types

Liverpool City Council have indicated possible locations for mobile food vehicle to operate within the Liverpool Local Government area. These locations have been highlighted in the Liverpool City Council’s Mobile Food Vehicles Policy.

Application requirements

Mobile Food Vehicle permits are subject to EOI application being advertised by Council on an annual basis and require a minimum fee of for first year.

The successful applicant/s will be required to operate the sale of food in strict conformity with the conditions of the permit highlighted on category 2 and other such legislative requirements.

This Expression of Interest represents a two stage process establishing suitability for sites in the Liverpool Local Government area. If successful at this stage, the applicant will be invited to submit additional information to formalise and be considered for a  mobile vehicles approval.

To operate on private property consult LCC duty planner located at customer service 1300 3621 70 for conditions relating to Exempt Development.

Click here NSW Planning and Infrastructure relevant information.

Expression of interest

Applications for an expression of interest (EOI) must be in writing on the attached application form, providing the following information.

  • Applicant’s full name and address
  • Company / Business name and trading name
  • ACN and ABN numbers
  • Registered office address
  • Director/s names and addresses
  • Copy of Public liability insurance – Liverpool City Council to receive full indemnity
  • Copy of operating vehicle’s current NSW Roads registration
  • Full details of food type being offered for sale
  • Proposed fee for products/food sold
  • Attach any further information which may support application
  • Reference or previous Council permit copy

Applications are to be submitted by email addressed to:

Email: quotations@liverpool.nsw.gov.au
New closing Time and Date is 3.00pm 14 July 2017

Click Here to download application

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Markets Liverpool City Council Local Government

Are you a market operator looking to expand into south west Sydney? Liverpool City Council is seeking Expressions of Interest for market operators to hold annual markets on Council-owned land.

Interested parties should familiarise themselves with Council’s Markets Policy and the Public Events Standards to determine the requirements of their application. Both of these documents are located on Council’s website at www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/whats-on/events/event-organisers-information-kit-guidelines

Market operators are encouraged to inspect the available event locations, outlined in the Markets Application, prior to commencing their application process to ensure that their market will suit the particular site. It is recommended that site selection be based upon the nature of the market, the approximate size and space that is required, the number of expected attendees, proximity to public transport, and frequency of markets. Interested parties should then contact the Council Events team to check the availability of the site and arrange a meeting with an Events & Approving Officer.

All completed Market Applications must be submitted by the advertised cut-off date, and must have paid the relevant application as per approved fees and charges once approved under EOI process. No payment is required during the EOI process.. Any application that is late, does not submit all required documents, and/or does not pay the relevant application fees will not be considered.

Council will take up to four weeks to review all applications and decide on successful applications, in line with the objectives and criteria of this policy. Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application. Applications are to be submitted by email addressed to: quotations@liverpool.nsw.gov.au

Note: This process does not apply to markets operated on private land. Applicants for markets on private land should consult Council’s Duty Planner for advice (call 1300 36 2170).

New Closing date for applications is 3.00pm 12 September 2017.

Click Here to download application

Markets Policy