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Make a real difference to sustaining Liverpool by becoming involved in tree planting days, creek and bushland restoration and the eradication of weeds among other projects.

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Sustaining Liverpool newsletter and events calendar - April to June 2017

2017 Community Tree Planting Calendar

Become a volunteer

As a natural environment volunteer you can provide vital assistance to your community in the management of local natural areas.

Volunteering is what you make it. You can plant native species in your yard, remove weeds or help out on Community Tree Planting Day's throughout the year. Alternatively, you may be more active and join your local environment group. It is entirely up to you.

To find out more on environment volunteer opportunities please click on the following highlighted links:Bush-regen

What can you do?

Volunteering does not mean hard labour, 'it's what you make it.' Can you do one or more of the following? If so you can be involved.

  • Monitor and record plant and animal species in your local reserves
  • Provide knowledge on the environment to other interested community members
  • Plant trees
  • Cook a barbecue
  • Map areas of work
  • Take photographs
  • Remove weeds
  • Encourage neighbours, friends and family to be involved
  • Gain new skills.

Become a champion of Sustaining Liverpool

Major sustainability programs that you can get involved as part of Liverpool's Environment Plan include:

  • Join an existing environmental group
  • Participate in Community Tree Planting Days
  • Start a new environmental group in an area that is close to your heart and home; or
  • Adopt a site.

The time required to participate in most of these activities is up to you, but on average volunteers give a couple of hours per month, depending on what activities you undertake, it's that easy.

Why should you be involved?

Being involved in this program has many benefits. Your contribution to the environment will see conservation and restoration of native plants and animals, as well as the eradication of feral weed species.

Socially, there will be opportunities for you to meet other residents in your local area and create community links. You will also play an important role in improving the visual quality of the surrounding area and gain personal satisfaction from making a difference in your neighbourhood.

Restoration of natural lands in the urban environment improves the appearance of your area, promoting a 'green neighbourhood,' which has the potential to add value to your property.

Natural areas are very important for the survival of many animal species. These areas provide food and shelter, as well as a place for the species to live and grow. By becoming involved in the Environment Plan you will also be helping to recreate natural habitats that bring the native animals back to your area.

Assisting in the restoration process will also facilitate healthy habitat, promoting cleaner waterways and a reduction of carbon dioxide levels in the environment. This ultimately contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Other reasons to become involved include:

  • Fostering your existing interest in the environment
  • Gain hands on experience in planting trees and weed removal techniques, as well as certified training
  • Using the techniques learned from qualified staff about your local environment
  • Creating an opportunity for you or your group to participate in outdoor activities
  • The opportunity to complete part of an award scheme for a community group such as Duke of Edinburgh, scouts, guides, or service for church congregations just to name a few.

What's in it for you?

Individuals and community groups like you spend a lot of time on environmental initiatives. You will find many benefits to be gained from participating in Liverpool City Council's environmental programs, including:

  • Recognition for your efforts through presentation evenings, award ceremonies and group functions
  • A sense of pride for contributing to such an important program
  • Media coverage arranged by Liverpool City Council for most events, allowing your activities to be publicly recognised
  • Liverpool City Council staff are available to make presentations on the environment or environmental programs to your group
  • Council's qualified staff can act as assessors for activities such as badgework or competencies in associations such as the Scouts, Guides or Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • The opportunity to speak directly with Council staff in relation to environmental issues, and utilise their resource for activities such as applying for government grants and promoting your group or environmental activities
  • A program will be established, where Council provides trees, equipment and training for your benefit
  • Barbecues for participants
  • Free quarterly environmental newsletter keeping you informed of future events and local environmental news
  • Networking opportunities with community members, groups and professionals in the environment field
  • Increase your skill base as well as increasing employment opportunities
  • Ability to participate in good governance through links with the Environment Advisory Panel and Environment Group Sub-committee
  • Make a difference!