Heritage culture and the arts

The City of Liverpool is rich with heritage and is a major cultural and arts precinct.  For more information please click on the following highlighted links:

  • Army Engineer MuseumPublic-Art
    The Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering showcases the contribution of the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) to our nation's military history and involvement in virtually every conflict and peace mission including those mounted by the United Nations
  • Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
    Opened in 1994, the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is located on the banks on the Georges River, within the City of Liverpool. The arts centre embraces a philosophy of both heritage and contemporary design
  • Collingwood House
    Collingwood House dates from 1810 and was the home of Nantucket whaling captain Eber Bunker
  • Liverpool Regional Museum
    The Regional Museum was established in 1989 with the aim of preserving and promoting Liverpool's history and cultural heritage through historical collections, exhibitions and public programs
  • Pioneers' Memorial Park
    Take a step back in history at Pioneers' Memorial Park.  Originally St Lukes Cemetery, in 1970 the old cemetery was converted into a rest park, featuring the original headstones and a memorial wall.
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
    The Heritage Advisory Committee comprises of the mayor or his / her delegate, Council staff representation and six community members.
  • What is Heritage?
    Heritage consists of those places and objects that we as a community have inherited from the past and want to hand on to future generations.