Stallholder Expression of Interest

Liverpool City Council Event Coordinators are seeking Expressions of Interest for Stallholders that would like to trade at our Major Events.

List of events and descriptions

  1. Spring into Liverpool
  2. New Year’s Eve
  3. Australia Day

Please choose Event/s you wish to attend.

Applicant Details

Business or Not for Profit

Tell us about your business

Stall type
Shop Window
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All food stalls must comply with the NSW Food Act 2003 and the Food Standard Code
For your information, please see the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Food businesses at Temporary Events

Guidelines for Mobile Food vending Vehicles

Foodsafety at Temporary Events booklet produced by LCC

I declare that all the information in the application is to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.  I also understand that if the information is incomplete, the application may be delayed or rejected or more information may be requested.
 I acknowledge that if the information provided is misleading, any approval granted may be void. I accept delays in processing will arise out of any inadequacies in the material submitted in support of the application.
I understand that once I have submitted this application an application fee will be payable.

There is no refund if event is cancelled due to bad weather.