Council's City Economy Team

The overarching strategic policy A Metropolis of Three Cities by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment guides development in Greater Sydney over the next 20 years. Liverpool is identified as a strategic centre in the plan with a role to provide a hub for jobs and services in South West Sydney.

The development of the health and education precinct in the Liverpool City Centre will play a critical role in underpinning growth. The Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek will also be a catalyst in this expansion.

The City Economy Unit is committed to working with businesses and other stakeholders to provide an environment that supports sustainable economic growth and business opportunities.

The team is responsible for facilitating the process of developing and implementing strategic policies, projects and actions to guide the future economic prosperity of the city through the attraction, growth and support of businesses in the city. Council's decision-making is informed by the latest economic and demographic information.

The City Economy Unit implements the Economic Development Strategy to guide the economic development of the city.


The City Economy Unit members are:

  • Chris Guthrie, Acting Manager, City Economy
    Tel: 02 8711 7603
  • Emily Tinson, Senior Officer, City Innovation
    Tel: 02 8711 7376
  • Vi Girgis, Senior Officer, City Precinct
    Tel: 02 8711 7559
  • Kerrie Elliot, Acting Senior Business Liaison Officer 
    Tel: 02 8711 7802
  • Samantha Strachan, Acting Business Liaison Officer
    Tel: 02 8711 7491
  • Liz Young, Acting Small Business Officer (Note: Tracy Lee is on leave until Feb 2020)
    Tel: 02 8711 7575
  • Susana Freitas, Tourism Development Officer
    Tel: 02 8711 7844
  • Nicole Voorhout, Project Support Officer
    Tel: 02 8711 7551
  • Robin Dean, Project Support Officer
    Tel: 02 8711 7612