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A platform to connect business with each other, find new partners, supply chains and collaboration opportunities all in one place. We understand that companies have extra or need additional resources at this time. "Resources" might include materials, technology, manufacturing capacity, storage, and so on. Liverpool City Council (LCC) has created this online marketplace to help Liverpool businesses find offers and requests for resources. Please log any resource requests or offerings you have, via the 'Post your listing' button. Once approved by LCC, your request / offer will appear in this Marketplace for companies to browse and get in touch with each other directly.

Important note

Liverpool Marketplace is a platform for businesses to publish offers and needs to facilitate trades.  The Marketplace will not be involved in any of the contracts for goods or services in any way. Liverpool Marketplace has not independently reviewed the quality or regulatory compliance of any goods or services offered through the platform and does not guarantee that published offers and needs will result in any trade.  It is up to businesses to pursue offers on the platform and to decide whether to trade with each other and what the terms of any trade will be.