School Holidays

Summer school holiday

Council is committed to providing children and families in the Liverpool area with things to see and do that promote creativity, learning and play.

Many of our school holiday activities allow children and teenagers to get creative through arts and crafts, music, dance and more. Other activities, such as yoga, basketball and skateboarding workshops, promote the importance of keeping young people healthy and active.

Each school holiday period, we proudly host a number of free and affordable events and workshops across our venues and our great outdoor spaces.

Visit our What's On page to find out what's happening in the Liverpool area throughout the year.


COVID-19 is still with us. Parents who have children attending Council's school holiday activities will be required to do a COVID Safe check in and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination status. Those who complete these requirements will be able to remain on site. Please ensure you bring a face mask with you.

Facilitators and parents are encouraged to wear masks particularly in instances where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Totem Skateboarding

Sunday 16 January | 9am-12pm | Suitable ages 6 and older | Book here

Carnes Hill Community and Recreation Precinct, 600 Kurrajong Road, Carnes Hill | Bookings essential

Join us at Carnes Hill Skatepark for a friendly competition for Skate, Scoot, and BMX.

Enter and showcase your skills, push your own boundaries, and ride together in a fun and safe environment - with loads of prize giveaways!

Hoops Connect

Tuesday 18 January | 10am-12pm | Suitable ages 5-12 | Register here

Thursday 20 January | 10am-12pm | Suitable ages 5-12 | Register here

Abel Dunn Court, Warwick Farm (opposite Warwick Farm Public School, Lawrence Hargrave Road, Warwick Farm | Bookings essential

Learn fundamental basketball skills in a fun and engaging session.


Thursday 20 January | 2pm-4pm | Suitable ages 5-17 | Register here

Michael Clarke Recreation Centre (2 Margaret Dawson Drive, Carnes Hill) | Bookings essential

Hexagol is a revolutionary new way to play football. In enclosed spaces. In hexagons. In THE CELL.

With unique, against-the-clock challenges and multiple targets, Hexagol intensifies the football training experience in the core areas required from keeping the player moving and alert to refining passing and shooting through practice and repetition.

Hexagol summer

Games2U Interactive Session

Wednesday 19 January | 2pm-5pm | All ages | Register here

Carnes Hill Community and Recreation Precinct, 600 Kurrajong Road, Carnes Hill (located behind Carnes Hill Library on the grassy area) | Bookings essential

Hop on Games2U's interactive gaming bus which includes state-of-the-art game theatres with the hottest games on demand including Minecraft, Fortnite, FIFA 21, Rocket League, Just Dance, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, NBA 2K21, Halo and Call of Duty.

You can also battle your friends in a bout of laser skirmish, experience a thrilling Virtual Reality (VR) game or put your skills to the test in our classic array of yard games.


Adrenaline Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

Tuesday 25 January | 10am-12pm | Suitable ages 5-12 | Register here

Carnes Hill Community and Recreation Precinct, 600 Kurrajong Road, Carnes Hill | Bookings essential

Squeeze, slide and climb your way in record time through a giant inflatable obstacle course dubbed 'the mother of all obstacle courses'.

School Holiday Fun Day

Thursday 27 January | 10am-1pm | Suitable for all ages | Register here

Edwin Wheeler Reserve, Sadleir | Bookings essential

Join us for a day of school holiday fun – tackle our giant obstacle course, challenge your mates to a game of laser tag or try your hand at a new sport. Free lunch provided.

Spark your imagination and creativity through fun, affordable hands-on school holiday activities at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre where experimentation, exploration and curiosity is celebrated.

There is plenty on to keep the kids entertained throughout the school holidays so be sure to check out CPAC's full program. Here are some of our top picks:

Holiday Clay School

Monday 10 January & Friday 21 January | 10.30am - 3.30pm | Suitable ages 6-9 | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $160 (for two days)

Squash it, shape it, roll it, join it, break it, and re-join it and c r e a t e with it! Clay School will give kids the chance to experience this amazing material, learn new skills and apply their imagination to its addictive diversity. Holiday Clay School is a 2-day camp with lots of fun for an aspiring artist who is interested in sculpture and clay.

Clay School

Holiday Movie Maker

Monday 10 January & Monday 17 January | 10.30am - 3.30pm | Suitable ages 10+ | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $120 (for two days)

This fun workshop is all about the magic of movie-making. This workshop is a mix of drawing and filming. Children get to create unique artworks through activities investigating proportion, scale and stylization which will lead to developing their own movie. Holiday Movie Maker Camp is a 2-day camp with lots of fun for an aspiring artist who is also interested in movie making.

Movie Maker

Little STEAM Camp

Tuesday 11 January | 10am - 2pm |  Suitable ages 6-9 | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $60

Our Little STEAM camp offers an engaging hands-on experience for children to discover, create and imagine many concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This workshop encourages children to see the connection between all these diverse subjects. It is the perfect opportunity for a budding creative scientist!

Little Steam

Photography Camp

Tuesday 11 January | 10.30am -3:30pm | Suitable ages 12+ | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $80

This workshop will show you how to use your camera or mobile phone and get creative with your photography. We will cover topics from composition, lighting and exposure to capture creative images. This fun and hands-on digital photography workshop has been designed for children age 12+ with absolutely no camera knowledge or/and for those who use a digital camera or mobile phone. Child is required to bring their own or parents / friend's digital camera or mobile phone for this workshop.

Anime and Manga Drawing Camp

Wednesday 12 January | 10am - 2pm | Suitable for ages 10+ | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $60

Our drawing camp allows students to develop their visual thinking. They will be introduced to Anime and Manga, engage in ideas based on the drawing practice of modern and contemporary Anime and Manga artists. In this workshop, children will draw different ideas and themes, getting to explore and understand the world of Anime and Manga.


Music Maker Camp (Jamming with Strangers)

Tuesday 18 January | 10am - 2pm | Suitable ages 10+ | Register here

Bookings essential

Cost: $60

Love Music? Join us for a one-day program for young music lovers. Students will explore innovative ways to produce music while being inspired by everyday sounds around them. Inspired by Jamming with Strangers, students will come together and create a symphony of sounds.

Music Maker

Super Robot Detectives

Wednesday 5 January | 10.30am-11.30am | Casula Community Centre | Suitable for ages 5-8 | Register here

Thursday 6 January | 10.30am-11.30am | Liverpool City Library | Suitable for ages 8-12 | Register here

Bookings essential

Code together for fun. Locate the villain's hiding spot and cleverly program a robot to capture them and dash their dastardly plans.

Kung Fu Taster Class

Thursday 6 January | 10.30am-11.30am | Green Valley Community Centre | Register here

Tuesday 18 January | 10.30am-11.30am | Carnes Hill Community Centre | Register here

Bookings essential

Practice self-defence, discipline and mindfulness in a safe environment. Don't kick yourself for missing out! Program suitable for 5-10 year olds.

Kung Fu

CSI Forensic Science

Monday 10 January | 10.30am - 11.30am | Green Valley Community Centre |Suitable ages 7-12 | Register here

Monday 10 January | 2.30pm - 3.30pm | Carnes Hill Community Centre |Suitable ages 7-12 | Register here

Thursday 20 January | 10.30am - 11.30am | Casula Community Centre |Suitable ages 7-12 | Register here

Bookings essential

Investigate fingerprinting, hair analysis and DNA comparisons to find out whodunit. Learn real science concepts in this intriguing workshop.

3D Print Workshop

Wednesday 12 January | 2.30pm-4.30pm | Liverpool City Library | Register here

Bookings essential

Design a gadget, a fake nose or other disguise of your choice using modelling software. Print it out, take it home and try it out.

3d print

Escape the Room

Thursday 13 January | 2pm-4pm | Casula Library | Register here

Monday 17 January | 2pm-4pm | Liverpool City Library | Register here

Wednesday 19 January | 2pm-4pm | Green Valley Library | Register here

Bookings essential

Get a team of up to 8 super sleuths together to unearth clues, solve puzzles and escape the room triumphant.

Create a Fairy Door

Wednesday 19 January | 10.30am - 11.30am | Moorebank Community Centre |Suitable ages 5+ | Register here

Monday 24 January | 2.30pm - 3.30pm | 10.30am - 11.30am | Moorebank Community Centre |Suitable ages 5+ | Register here

Bookings essential

Get messy. Get creative. Decorate your own magical fairy door using natural and other appropriate materials. Learn more about our local natural environment and how we can take care of it. At the end of the workshop, donate your door to the new Fairy Glen at Harris Creek Reserve or take it home to treasure.

Fairy Door

Augmented Reality Workshop

Tuesday 25 January | 10am-12pm | Liverpool City Library | Suitable ages 12-25 | Register here

Get hands-on and experience the magic of augmented reality in this interactive workshop. Use your phone to learn how augmented technology works!

Aug Reality

Chess Lesson

Thursday 27 January | 10am-12pm | Liverpool City Library | Suitable for ages 10-16 | Register here

Bookings essential

Looking to become a Chess Grand Master but not sure where to start? Join us at Liverpool City Library for an introductory chess lesson. Learn the basics and play a friendly match in this inclusive session.

Jamming with Strangers: Code a Musical Instrument

Friday 28 January | 10am-11.30am | Liverpool City Library | Suitable ages 12-16 | Register here

Get creative this summer by learning to code your own musical instrument! Work together to code and perform on a musical instrument of your own design using Makey Makey!


Holiday Christmas Craft Workshop

Saturday 18 December | 10.30am-11.30am | Register here

Wednesday 22 December | 10.30am-11.30am | Register here

Liverpool Regional Museum | Bookings essential

Are you ready for the holiday season? Join us to make your own traditional Christmas decorations.

Christmas craft

Kids Curator and Collectors Camp

Wednesday 19 January | 10am-12pm | Suitable ages 9-14 | Register here

Liverpool Regional Museum | Bookings essential

Why do people collect? What makes a collection? What are some things people collect? Are you a collector? Since ancient times people have collected objects. Museums collect objects to tell stories and preserve artefacts for future generations.

Join the Liverpool Regional Museum Kids’ Curator and Collector Camp to understand what a collection is, how to display and store your collections, what curators do and meet and share your collection with other collectors. Remember to bring with you photographs of your collection and if suitable three objects from your collection for a hands-on activity and some morning tea.

Each child will receive a special inaugural Kid’s Curator and Collector camp certificate and their collection will be featured on the Liverpool Regional Museum Instagram/ Facebook page over the following weeks (The club members’ collection will be posted with first name only).


Story Writing Workshop

Thursday 20 January | 10am-12pm | Suitable for ages 7-12 | Register here

Liverpool Regional Musuem | Bookings essential

Learn to write and think like a writer. Using the Resonances gallery objects as inspiration and drawing on historical information, this workshop will examine some of the Museum objects and ask the writer to consider:

  • Who owned it?
  • What did they use it for?
  • Why is it special?
  • What is the period of time it came from?
  • Where has it come from?
  • How did they come to own it and pass it to the museum?

All with the goal of creating their very own mini storybook about a Museum object.


Drop-in Resonances Kids Trail

Tuesday 11 - Friday 21 January | 10am-3pm | Suitable for ages 4-12

Liverpool Regional Musuem | Drop-in session - no bookings required

Can you find all our special objects that tell stories of Liverpool’s past? Use the Kids trail and activities to explore the Resonances exhibition and investigate Liverpool’s past and unique stories. Come and discover our local museum collection. Children must be always accompanied by an adult. For more information click here.

Create from the Collection: Resonances Cut and Paste Workshop

Saturday 29 January | 10.30am-12pm | Suitable for ages 5-12 | Register here

Liverpool Regional Musuem | Bookings essential

Resonances are the sounds and feelings of the past heard in familiar everyday objects. Together we will create cut and paste artworks respecting the past objects in our collection. Considering our own lives too, we will draw and write about an object that has the most emotion and sound of your life within it, perhaps one day it will become a respected museum object too?