Report Dumped Shopping Trolleys

Liverpool City Council is launching a campaign to keep retailers including Coles , Woolworths, BIG W and ALDI Australia accountable for their lost or dumped shopping trolleys around our city.

We need your help! If you see a lost or dumped trolley;

- Snap a photo
- Post it to the retailer’s Facebook page, our page and/or on your own wall and note the location.
- Tag us @ Liverpool City Council Australia and use the hashtag #trolleytrouble in your post.

Council will follow up with retailers to make sure they are removed.

Abandoned trolleys, which end up in parks and recreational areas including those dumped into creeks and rivers, are a major problem for Council and the country. They can become hazardous objects causing a build-up of debris and contaminating our creeks and waterways.

Abandoned shopping trolleys along a main road. Abandoned shopping trolleys near some apartments.

Council invests a great deal of time and money to keep our waterways and natural environment clean.

Abandoned trolleys are an eyesore on our parks and waterways and may be dangerous to community members when placed on footpaths and roads.

It is also an offence under state legislation to place a trolley in a public place and if caught you may be issued with a fine.

Council is investigating ways to require businesses with more than 20 trolleys to use wheel locks or coins.

This would reduce the impact of abandoned trolleys by confining them within a designated area.

If you use a trolley, put it back where it belongs. If you see dumped trolleys, contact the relevant retailer which will collect them.

For an abandoned trolley belonging to:

Report using the following methods:

Big W
Dan Murphy’s
Ikea NSW (selected stores)

Phone: 1800-641-497

Use the online form: TrolleyTracker Report A Trolley Form

Download TrolleyTracker from the Apple Store

Download TrolleyTracker from Google Play


Phone: 1800-876-553 (1800 TROLLEY)

Use the online form: TrolleyTracker Report A Trolley Form

Download TrolleyTracker from the Apple Store

Download TrolleyTracker from Google Play


Phone: 1300-554-777

There are no online forms for reporting abandoned trolleys. Instead use the Bunnings Contact Form.


Phone: 13-25-34 (13 ALDI)

No online form for reporting trolleys. Use the Aldi Customer Service Form.