Liverpool ready to welcome 2023 with a bang

Liverpool will explode in colour and fireworks to welcome 2023 in a dazzling display that will be seen by more than 50 per cent of the community thanks to cutting edge electronics.

Liverpool’s “Light Up the Sky” celebration on December 31 will feature simultaneous fireworks displays across six sites that will carry the pyrotechnic wonders to where they can be seen from as many homes and driveways as possible.

“It will be the second biggest fireworks display in NSW – second only to the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” said Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun.

“It will be a wonderful night and a fitting welcome to the new year”

The seven-minute display that lights up the skies will have its origin in six selected sites – Sadleir, West Hoxton, Liverpool, Moorebank, Casula, and Hammondville.

The co-ordinated displays are synchronised to begin at 9pm.

“It’s a show the whole family can watch,” Mr Mannoun said.

“We’ll reach as many people across the Liverpool LGA as we possibly can.”

The fireworks sites in the six suburbs chosen for the display will be closed to the public. The only place to watch them will be from your home or driveway or nearby vantage points.

Mr Mannoun praised the hard work and planning that will see more than three tonnes of synchronised fireworks explode in perfect unison.

“The display follows months of planning and hard work, including 450 manhours of onsite work by the pyrotechnicians,” Mr Mannoun said.

Organisers say they will fire 5248 aerial shells as high as 155 metres into the sky where they will explode in predesigned computer patterns of intense colour and formation.

Mr Mannoun said the firework display was a chance for the community to re-connect after the dramas and unsettled nature of 2022.