Liverpool City Council’s Senior Environmental Health Officer Neil Ramsay awarded Environmental Health Professional of the Year 2021

Liverpool City Council is pleased to announce that its Senior Environmental Health Officer Neil Ramsay has been awarded the Environmental Health Australia NSW Environmental Health Professional of the Year for 2021.

Liverpool City Council Mayor Wendy Waller congratulated Neil on his accolade, saying it was a wonderful achievement for not only Neil, but Council as a whole.

“The Environmental Health Australia NSW Environmental Health Professional of the Year is a prestigious award that acknowledges excellence, dedication and professionalism in the environmental health profession,” Mayor Waller said.

“Neil was nominated for his professionalism, conscienciousness and wealth of expertise that he puts forward every day as he works to protect, maintain and enhance public and environmental health in our community.

“Neil has been an environmental health professional for over 15 years and his commitment to protecting and promoting positive environment and health outcomes for the general public is inspiring.

“He has been a valuable member of Council for more than seven years and has extensive knowledge and expertise in land contamination, acoustics, air quality and other environmental matters.

“He has also provided comment on numerous proposals relating to state and local government policies, guidelines and legislation and been instrumental in developing internal procedures and documents for Council which has provided clarity and streamlined administrative processes.

“Neil is passionate about the profession and shares his enthusiasm in promoting and improving human health and environmental standards for the benefit of current and future generations.

“Alongside the environmental health team at Council, he has worked to protect the environment and contributed towards achieving both an improved quality of life and sustainable future.

“This fantastic recognition highlights the remarkable work completed by Council's Environmental Health team on a daily basis in responding to a wide range of complex environmental and human health issues while providing an extremely professional service to the community.

“I am delighted with the announcement of the award and it is a very much deserved recognition of the extraordinary work the Environmental Health team have done in response to the challenges Liverpool has experienced this year. Well done to Neil and to the whole team!”

The EHA (NSW) INC Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in the environmental health profession.

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