Middleton Grange

Liverpool City Council hosted a community forum with residents of Middleton Grange on 17 September 2018 to provide:

  • The community with updates on social infrastructure programs and projects;
  • An opportunity for residents to give feedback on the Middleton Grange Town Centre Planning Proposal; and
  • An opportunity to discuss pressing community concerns and issues within the suburb.

These are Council’s responses to issues raised and updates on planned works.

Town Centre

Significant matters raised by residents were:

  • A request for a Town Centre and not apartments;
  • 900+ apartments means more cars adversely affecting existing traffic conditions;
  • 900+ apartments would be welcomed only if road issues are fixed;
  • A 2000 square metres park is small for existing tenants and visitors. With 900+ units, it will not support the incoming growth in population;
  • The road network and planning is not addressed by the developer in the Town Centre proposal;
  • There is overwhelming community objection to the proposed size of the Town Centre development. A smooth transition compliant with the existing density of the suburb is preferred; and
  • There is a collective concern over delayed delivery of the Town Centre.

R: These comments will be addressed in the planning assessment and post exhibition report to determine whether Council should continue to support the planning proposal.

Cirillo and Stante Reserves.

R: Council is pleased to advise that planning and design of these areas is progressing satisfactorily.

Cirillo Reserve: Design of the various elements of this community sporting facility is underway and construction works are planned to commence in April 2019. Works will include a new soccer oval/cricket pitch. It will incorporate a new sports amenities building, sports field floodlighting, automatic irrigation and oval fencing.

To complement the formal sporting space, Council will also deliver infrastructure for social activities such as shared pathways, a children’s playground, outdoor fitness gyms, picnic facilities and an off-leash dog park.

Stante Reserve: This will see development of this greenfield site into a local, passive recreation facility to complement Cirillo Reserve. Design will commence in 2019, with works to commence in the later part of the year.

Works will involve children’s playgrounds, a basketball half court, pathway connections, lighting, landscaping, outdoor furniture and public art.

Provision of footpaths to improve accessibility and mobility.
Significant lengths of footpaths have already been provided within Middleton Grange, but Council acknowledges there are numerous streets without continuous footpaths, significantly affecting access and mobility. Council anticipates constructing the missing sections of footpaths in the following streets by March 2019:

  • Kingsford   Smith Ave
  • Flynn   Ave
  • Monkton   Ave
  • Robey   Ave
  • Starfire   Ave
  • Sierra   Ave
  • Brinsmead   Ave
  • Hemsworth   Ave
  • Bluey   St

However, there are sections along some of the above streets that are subject to further development, and additional footpaths will be provided as part of, or following, the completion of these developments. Council will continue to monitor progress and will progressively provide kerbs, footpaths and shared paths as necessary to ensure improved safety and accessibility.

Q: Kingsford Smith Avenue unsafe for children.
R: Kingsford Smith Avenue is a local residential street with a default urban speed limit of 50km/h. In addition, the road section in front of Thomas Hassall Anglican College has the appropriate 40km/h school zone with an appropriate paved footpath. Council will investigate constructing additional footpaths along the remaining road sections.

Q: Car parking on kerb on account of narrow roads.
R: Rangers will be scheduled to patrol.

Q: Construction and maintenance of footpaths and lawns required on a priority basis.
R: Council will arrange construction and maintenance of relevant footpath sections. Council will maintain vegetation.

Q: Extension of Middleton Drive to improve access.
Council acknowledges that the southern section of Middleton Drive provides the only access in and out of the suburb. The implications to safe and timely evacuation in major emergencies are also acknowledged. To provide an alternative route into and out of Middleton Grange, Council proposes to extend Middleton Drive and complete the missing section between Middleton and Aviation Drives, as shown below. Council plans to invite tenders for the development of detailed designs and construction specifications to allow construction of the works in 2019/20. However, as the necessary extensions will require grade separation of a section of the M7 cycleway and works within the M7 road corridor, Council has been awaiting approvals and support from the relevant authorities for the M7 corridor, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and North Western Roads.

There have been protracted delays in gaining necessary approvals from these agencies. Council is concerned about the future of this vital missing road link. It will continue to liaise with the authorities to secure necessary approvals so this important work can commence.

Roads, Traffic and Transport

Q: Dangerous traffic hotspot at corner of Monkton Street and Kelsey Street. Congestion of cars and buses especially between school pick-up hours 2.30pm-3pm.
The congestion at the intersection is due to school pick-up. In consultation with the Liverpool Traffic Committee, arrangements to restrict parking close to the intersection will be investigated and may include additional signage. In addition, Council rangers will be requested to patrol the intersection.

Q: Traffic congestion in the mornings, afternoons and peak hours making it difficult to drive out of the estate.
The existing entry via Fifteenth Avenue is proposed to be upgraded in the medium term subject to State Government funding and detailed design. The intersection of Hall Circuit and Qantas Blvd is proposed to be upgraded in 2019, subject to funding. The existing pavement on Qantas Blvd is to be maintained in a serviceable condition. Full reconstruction will be a requirement of any future development in the Town Centre. A third entry and exit under the M7, via Middleton Drive, requires approval from RMS and Westlink M7. Council is pursuing approval for the link to be constructed.

Q: Traffic signs not visible on Southern Cross Drive.
Council will inspect and replace the sign as required.

Q: Mountain Avenue is not wide enough to carry school buses.
Council will raise this issue with the school and Transport for NSW, which has responsibility for school buses, to ensure that an alternative school bus route is used.

Q: Roads need to be better maintained. Currently very poor conditions on most of the existing road network.
Roads are patrolled by Minor Patching crew every six weeks

Line markings not aligned on Middleton Drive and Bird Walton Avenue.
The Middleton Drive and Bird Walton Avenue intersection will be upgraded to a roundabout as part of subdivision of the adjacent allotment south of Bird Walton Avenue.  In the meantime, Council will re-mark the lines to align the intersecting roads.

Q: Need line markings at the Affleck Gardens and Kingsford Smith Avenue crossroad to show it is a two way road.
Council will line mark the intersection to indicate that the Affleck Gardens and Kingsford Smith Avenue crossroad is a two way road.

Q: Road repairs needed on Kingsford Smith Avenue.
Council believes most of the road is in good condition. The section where there is existing development is safe and serviceable. As part of new development the road will be upgraded.

Q: ‘No Parking’ signs needed along Middleton Drive and Brinsmead Avenue.
Council will assess the need for parking restrictions along sections of Middleton Drive and Brinsmead Avenue; consult local residents; and if supported, seek approval of the Liverpool Pedestrian and Active Transport and Traffic Committee, for the required signs to be installed.

Q: Need more public transport through Middleton Drive and Parkbridge Estate.
Transport for NSW (TfNSW), on behalf of the State Government, is responsible for providing bus services. Representations continue to be made to TfNSW for such services.

Q: Regulate and direct traffic on Middleton Drive to avoid thoroughfare from the Town Centre to Cowpasture Road (Middleton Drive is not wide enough to accommodate all traffic flow for exits to the M7 and Cowpasture Road).
Any additional traffic generated by the Town Centre will be addressed through comprehensive traffic analysis to determine the best routes and any related road widening and intersection upgrades. An upgrade of Qantas Blvd will be a requirement of any future development in the Town Centre.

Q: Road widening is needed to ease access to Carnes Hill (to avoid traffic congestion between Elizabeth Drive and Camden Valley Way).
The road link between Elizabeth Drive and Camden Valley Way is via Cowpasture Road, which has four traffic lanes. RMS has a proposal to widen the road in the future if required.

Q: Difficulties caused by the volume of traffic in Parkbridge Estate.
A second access point via an extension of Middleton Drive under the M7 is being designed. Council is seeking approvals from RMS and Westlink M7 for the design to be completed and constructed.

Q: ‘No Parking’ signs needed along Middleton Drive and Brinsmead Avenue.
R: To be investigated in consultation with the Liverpool Pedestrian and Active Transport and Traffic Committee and installed if supported.

Q: No stopping zone (on both sides) between Truscott Avenue and Brinsmead Avenue on Middleton Drive.
To be investigated in consultation with the Liverpool Pedestrian and Active Transport and Traffic Committee and installed if supported.

Q: Traffic lights at the corner of Flynn Avenue and Kingsford Road are required due to existing blind spots.
: Traffic signal assessment will be carried out and, if supported, funding will be sought for installation.

Q: Roundabout is required at the corner of Kingsford Smith Avenue and Southern Cross Avenue due to lack of the visibility over the crest.
Council has identified a need for a roundabout and a design has been completed. Construction requires utility relocation on the north eastern corner of the intersection. Council is liaising with the affected landowners for the utility relocation to be carried out. Construction will follow.

Q: Where possible, provisions to increase parking facilities and widening of roads is required to be delivered.
Road layout has been constructed in accordance with Council’s development control plan for the local area. Road widenings would narrow the footpath reserves and affect the visual amenity of the relevant areas.

Q: Need speed cameras and/ or speed humps on Flynn Avenue (30km/hour speed limit not being adhered to).
RMS is responsible for installing mobile speed cameras. Council will submit an application to RMS for consideration. In regard to the request for speed humps or other traffic calming measures, an investigation will be carried out in consultation with the Liverpool Pedestrian and Active Transport and Traffic Committee and affected residents.

Q: Blind spot at the Kingsford Smith Avenue and Flynn Avenue roundabout is extremely dangerous.
Council will investigate traffic-calming devices to improve safety at the intersection. Replacement of the roundabout will be considered in the long-term.

Q: Noise-reducing measures (extending the noise barrier) need to be taken areas adjacent to the M7.
Installation of noise barriers along the motorway remains the responsibility of RMS.

Q: Qantas Boulevard turning to Hall Circuit is an accident zone, especially at night.
Council is designing intersection changes to improve safety at the intersection.

Q: Blind-spot mirrors on roads are required, specifically on Kingsford Smith Avenue and Southern Cross Drive.
Council has identified a need for a roundabout and a design has been completed. Construction requires utility relocation on the north eastern corner of the intersection. Council is liaising with the affected landowner for the utility relocation to be carried out and construction of the roundabout will follow.

Q: Large potholes on Western end of Flynn Avenue, Kingsford Smith Avenue and Southern Cross Road.R: The road was inspected and all pot holes found were patched and made safe in October 2018.

  • Flynn Avenue - 0 holes located;
  • Kingsford Smith Avenue - 7 holes repaired;
  • Bird Walton Avenue - 1 hole repaired; and
  • Southern Cross - 1 hole repaired.

Major matters raised by residents were:

  • More frequent bus services and a better public transport network, especially during peak hours, to and from key destinations such as Leppington train station;
  • Regular bus services to Leppington, Wetherill Park and Parramatta;
  • Extending and expanding existing bus routes and their frequency;
  • Bus route into Parkbridge Estate is required;
  • Increased bus services to and from local schools. Transport options from Cecil Hills High School to Parkbridge Estate (at least during school and peak hours. Maybe a school bus schedule coordinated with the transport buses).

R: TfNSW on behalf of the State Government is responsible for providing bus services. Representations have been, and will continue to be made to TfNSW for such services.

Q: Possibility of train line for better connectivity to surroundings.
TfNSW on behalf of the State Government is responsible for providing train lines/services. Representations have been made and will continue to be made to TfNSW for such services.

Q: More bus stops spread more equally and efficiently within Middleton Grange.
Bus stops have been spaced at intervals that are generally consistent with state public transport guidelines in the southern portion of Middleton Grange. When services are operational in the northern portion, appropriate bus stops will be installed.

Q: Exploring other transport modes for the area that does not depend on cars.
Council has a program to improve walking and cycle facilities. Also, as previously indicated Council is making representations to TfNSW to provide improved bus services to and from Middleton Grange.

Major matters raised by residents:

  • Street lights are required at Qantas Boulevard; Flynn Avenue; Hall Circuit (near the lake and public school); the corner of Bird Walton Avenue and Qantas Boulevard; Middleton Drive; and the corner of Hall Circuit and Qantas Boulevard;
  • Very dark streets, with no passive surveillance; and
  • Lack of lighting causing unsocial behaviour in the area.

R: These road sections will need to be rebuilt as part of any development in the Town Centre or on adjoining lots. New street lights will be installed as part of this construction. In the meantime, Endeavour Energy will be asked to improve the existing lighting.

Q: Burning cars, car dumping and rubbish dumping at Hall Circuit (specifically near the lake before the public school).
Issues relating to vehicles should be referred to the police. Hall Circuit is patrolled and illegally dumped items are removed regularly.

Q:Dumping issues: Large item and white bag dumping along Flynn Avenue; dumping along fire trail between Flight Circuit, Robey Avenue, Mclver Avenue and Bird Walton Avenue. Surveillance cameras along major roads and dumping sites.
R: The large white bags contain litter that has been collected by Council’s Bush regeneration staff and volunteers who place the sealed white bags for collection by our litter crews. Collections generally occur within 48 hours.

Council’s parks crews remove litter during their mowing and maintenance programs, and regularly patrol and remove rubbish from Middleton Grange. Rangers enforce illegal dumping regulations in Middleton Grange using covert surveillance cameras, patrols and reports from the public. Residents are encouraged to report incidents of litter and illegal dumping. Council responds to these reports within two working days.

Covert surveillance cameras are used in Flynn Avenue and illegal waste is removed regularly. The walking track between Flight Circuit and Robey Avenue, Bird Walton and McIver Avenues were cleared of illegally dumped items in September.

Q:Dumping ground at Parkbridge Estate along Robey Avenue.
This has been referred to Western Sydney Parklands Trust.