Rural Forum

Liverpool City Council hosted the Rural District Forum on Wednesday 24 October 2018 at the Bringelly Community Centre. The forum was an opportunity for Council and the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) to respond to matters raised by residents and provide clarification on the draft Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (LUIIP). This Fact Sheet captures questions and answers relating to Liverpool City Council.

Q: How can communication and engagement with residents be improved?

Response: The Communications team is investigating improved options to communicate with residents and will discuss these with the Rural District Community Reference Group.

Q: Are there any updates on the Badgerys Creek Road realignment?

Response: As part of the Western Sydney Airport (WSA) development, the Federal Government purchased all the land required for the airport, including the northern section of Badgerys Creek Road.  For the construction of the airport, WSA has advised Council that the northern portion of the road is being relocated to permit the construction of the airport.

Council has entered into a MOU with the airport corporation for Badgerys Creek Road to be maintained as long as possible to continue providing its regional road function. In the long term, Council is working with WSA and DPE for Badgerys Creek Road to be replaced with Martin Road which would connect to the southern section of Badgerys Creek Road outside the airport.

Q: How are Council, Department of Planning and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) communicating in relation to the expansion and road closures along the Bringelly Road?

Response: Bringelly Road is an existing classified state road under the care control of RMS. RMS has entered into a contract with two contractors, Lendlease and BMD, to carry out the road upgrade to a four-lane divided road. BMD is carrying out the first section of the upgrade between Cowpasture Road and King Street and  Lendlease is carrying out the upgrade from King Street to the Northern Road.

As part of the construction, RMS expects the contractors to inform local residents, emergency services, police and bus companies about impending works and road closures. The two contractors have advised that this process is being followed.

The specific question that was raised at the forum was whether the local ambulance services were advised about the closure of Bringelly Road and Church Street intersection.

Lendlease’s Project Communications Manager has advised that all the emergency services were advised, however, the email to the ambulance services was sent to an email address which appears to have changed. The Communications Manager has offered to send an apology to the resident who raised this issue and Ambulance NSW has now been provided with the appropriate details.

Q: Why does one side of Bringelly Road have levies to control flooding, and the other side does not? What safety precautions have been implemented to ensure the safety of residents?

Response: RMS has advised that appropriate modelling has been carried out for the design of the drainage facilities required as part of the project. RMS will be requested to provide further information on the subject. In the meantime, appropriate safety measures, including landscaping will be implemented to ensure adequate pedestrian safety.

Q: How will Council ensure the communication mechanism will incorporate the needs of the interest groups including multicultural and senior residents? How are older people being communicated with?

Response: Council will seek input from seniors and residents from other language groups through the Rural District Community Reference Group. Council has a language aide program which can assist residents who need language assistance.

Q: Will Council rates change once the rezoning comes to affect?

Response: When determining rates, Councils are required to use valuations as supplied from the Valuer General. Rezoning can impact the valuation and therefore potentially the rates payable if larger than average valuation increases occur. It should be noted however that Liverpool City Council uses a “Base Charge Rating” structure when determining rates. This was introduced some years ago to ensure a fair distribution of the rates burden and to significantly reduce or “flatten out” the impact of large valuation increases. This is achieved by only using the valuation to determine approximately 50% of the residential rate. This structure has previously been successful in limiting large rate increases due to significant re-zonings/valuation changes in suburbs such as Edmondson Park and Austral.

Section 585 of the Local Government Act 1993 also allows owners to seek postponement of rates when impacted by rezonings, so long as there is a single dwelling on the property. Further information on postponed rates may be obtained by contacting Council’s Rates department.

Q: Is there any compensation available so that residents do not incur capital gains when they sell their property?

Response: Seek independent financial and legal advice.

Q: Will future train lines and stations be incorporated in the proposed plans? What are the impacts?

Response: Any future rail lines or train stations will be planned for by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), and be consistent with the Future Transport Strategy 2056. The strategy indicates a number of city-shaping corridors emanating from the Aerotropolis and Airport. The draft alignment of these corridors has been published by TfNSW and is available to view here:

The release of any new precincts will factor in land reservations for these corridors and station locations, as well as complimentary uses near rail lines and stations.

The impact of noise and vibration on existing residences would be factored into an Environmental Impact Assessment as planning for the railway line begins. Any land acquisition will be carried out in accordance with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

Q: How do you see the smooth operation of Aerotropolis going ahead in a non-fragmented manner if we are not compulsorily acquired?

Response: Detailed precinct structure plans, when combined with clear staging, and timely infrastructure delivery has the ability to allow multiple developments to come together to create a new place. This is similar to the way in which Edmondson Park and Austral are currently developing.

It is acknowledged that the circumstances surrounding the Aerotropolis are somewhat different to other major metropolitan centres which grew more organically. As a planned greenfield city, attention to detail in creating a clear vision, understanding market forces and implementing the vision will be paramount. Development of an Indicative Layout Plan (ILP) will set the structure for new roads and land uses which will guide development over the entire precinct. Development of multiple smaller developments in accordance with the ILP will ensure that the city will be designed and constructed in accordance with the plan, even if built in several smaller pieces. Of course it is understood that there are challenges in developing fragmented land holdings, and the DPE may look into a number of different methods to ensure that land is developed in accordance with the vision.

Q: Liverpool Council owns Rossmore Grange, why isn’t that space in these plans?

Response: Rossmore Grange is included as part of the South Creek precinct.

Q: Are there any plans to widen the Fifteenth and Ramsey Avenue Rossmore, and who can be contacted regarding this matter?

Response: Fifteenth Avenue is currently a local road under the care and control of Council.  The road has been identified as part of a rapid transport corridor, and one of the principal road links, between the Liverpool CBD and WSA.

Council is managing the design investigation and residents can contact Council‘s Traffic & Transport Section for information about the proposed road widening.

The section of Fifteenth Avenue, west of Devonshire Road, is yet to be rezoned. As part of future rezoning, Council and DPE will identify the need for road widening.

Ramsey Road is currently a two-lane local road.   The adjacent lands east and west of the road are yet to be rezoned. As part of future rezoning, Council and the DPE will identify the need for future road widening.

Q: How will Council better communicate with residents from non-English speaking backgrounds and will there be language assistance to ensure all the information and jargon available is clearly understood? What is the potential of the use of social media and radio stations to get the information out? Is Council’s Communication department able to get information across to all of the community?

The Communications team is investigating improved options to communicate with residents, including those from non-English speaking backgrounds, and will discuss options with the Rural District Community Reference Group.

Other questions raised at the October Forum have been directed to relevant agencies, including the Department of Planning and Environment.

Liverpool’s Rural District – including suburbs such as Badgerys Creek, Bringelly, Rossmore, Kemps Creek and Luddenham – faces a period of rapid change in coming years.

Work has commenced on Western Sydney Airport and planning has begun for the Aerotropolis. Major national and international businesses have already signed agreements with the NSW Government to locate in this developing precinct.

Liverpool City Council recognises the need to work more closely with the rural community and to improve communications with residents living in the Rural District. In addition to the Rural District Forum – which is held every two months – Council is inviting interested residents to a join the Rural Community Reference Group.

This Reference Group will provide an additional opportunity for residents to hear directly from senior Council staff – and to raise any concerns they may have about the changes in their district.

Council is seeking representatives from established community groups and individuals from the rural area of Liverpool to apply. Applicants must:

  • Be a resident of the Rural District; and
  • Either represent an established Rural District community group – or demonstrate a capacity to communicate with, and represent, residents.

Nominations are open until 16 December 2018.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reference Group – or what is happening in the Rural District – come along to Council’s next Rural Forum in December.

Rural District Forum

Bringelly Community Centre,

Greendale Rd

6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 11 December.

Download and Fill out the Expression of Interest form to apply for the Rural Community Reference Group.