Western Sydney Airport Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has begun planning future uses for the land surrounding Western Sydney Airport.

The Draft Western Sydney Airport Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan, Stage 1: Initial Precincts provides an overview of future land uses and the proposed sequence of development.

It shows the likely location of different precincts and land uses within 11,200 hectares of land described as the “Western Sydney Aerotropolis” surrounding the new Western Sydney Airport.

A significant proportion of the Aerotropolis is located within the Liverpool Local Government Area.

Liverpool City Council is supportive of the delivery of the Western Sydney Airport and understands the many benefits that it will bring to our community, in terms of jobs, education and improved travel options.

Council will continue to engage with the community as planning and development of Western Sydney Airport and the Aerotropolis progress.

Council has established a Rural Reference Group to provide a mechanism for residents to communicate their concerns and needs within the rural district, particularly in relation to the new airport.

Liverpool City Council has been involved in the development of the plan, partnering with the DPE and Penrith City Council and provided the following feedback while the plan was on exhibition:

Council's submission document: 

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