Public Exhibition - Draft Parking Enforcement Policy


Council has prepared the draft Parking Enforcement Policy outlining the way in which motor vehicle parking will be regulated under relevant laws.

The intention of the new policy is to allow motor vehicles to partially park over a nature strip with rollback kerbing, provided the vehicle does not interfere with the use of the footpath, obstruct lines of sight for vehicles using the roadway or cause damage to Council infrastructure which includes
the kerb, nature strip, footpath area and underground services. See image below.

This is an important feature of the new policy ,which aims to improve access and the safe movement of motor vehicles where the width of a road has been reduced and rollback kerbing installed.

Council invites residents and interested members of the public to view the proposed Draft Enforcement Parking Policy by clicking here.

Who’s Listening:

Submissions are invited from the public and can be sent to Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871 or via email to Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, and be received by 5pm on 16 October 2023, quoting Draft Parking Enforcement Policy.

For further enquiries, please contact Noelle Warwar, Acting Coordinator, on 1300 36 2170.