Flood Information

Liverpool City Council is supporting the State Emergency Service as the lead agency for anyone affected by the February flood event.

Please visit their website ses.nsw.gov.au or call 132 500 if you need assistance with evacuation or damage to your home.

Council will prioritise the collection of waste and debris material.

Parts of Casula Parklands are closed until further notice.

Council will provide an extra hard rubbish collection for those facing a genuine emergency due to storm-related debris.

Please do not place construction waste (including asbestos-containing material) or water-logged material in either collection. Such material will not be collected.

Council crews will also be removing debris and rubbish from public areas including parklands and reserves.

Please call 1300 36 2170 to arrange a pick up before 5pm on Friday 28 February.

Please note that Council will attend to all requests for assistance in order of priority. Please be patient.

Contact the State Emergency Service by visiting their website or calling 132 500 to report fallen trees.

You can log any concerns about potentially dangerous trees with Council by calling 1300 36 2170. Calls will be logged and prioritised.

Native animals can be dispersed in events such as major flooding.

The RSPCA advises that if you see a snake in your garden or house, do not try to catch or kill it. Contact a licensed snake handler to have it removed.

If you find animals injured or in distress, contact WIRES wildlife rescue.

A large flood event can expose buried contaminated material. Council needs your help identifying such material, but please do not disturb or try to remove contaminated material if you find it.

Notify council of any contaminated material or hazards that have arisen in public areas as a result of flooding.

Call 1300 36 2170.

Please note that Council will attend to all requests for assistance in order of priority.

As floodwaters recede there is the potential for mosquitos to breed in pools of stagnant water left behind.

Council will be spraying identified breeding grounds during the week of 10 February.

Please familiarise yourself with Council’s mosquito resources page for tips on how to safeguard the home and yourself and family members from mosquitos.