In order to be eligible for this program owners must prove they are a Liverpool resident by means of driver’s license or Council rates notice.

Council will send a voucher to eligible applicants. Once you have your voucher, you will need to book an appointment with a participating vet.

Places are limited.

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Terms and conditions

  1. Applicant must be the microchipped owner of the animal and be a Liverpool City Council resident. Proof may be required.
  2. All Vouchers issued during this program are valid for June 2019.
  3. Should your animal be in season (on heat), there will be an additional charge to be paid directly to the vet by you. If you suspect this, please discuss the fee with the vet. If you suspect your animal is pregnant, please discuss with the vet if it is appropriate to proceed, and if so, what additional fee will have to be covered by you.
  4. If either of your male cat’s/dog’s testicleshave not descended, there will be an additional charge to be paid directly to the vet by you. Please discuss this cost with the vet.
  5. Microchipping is a requirement and will be included with this program. However, please be aware that once your pet is microchipped, it is compulsory to register your animal on the NSW Companion Animal Register. In addition, if your pet is not vaccinated, we strongly recommend you take the opportunity to have your pet vaccinated, however please note the cost for this will be your responsibility.
  6. This program CAN NOT be combined with any other Council program or offer.
  7. Program not available for rescue groups, breeders or trap neuter release (TNR) animals.



Your pet must be healthy in order to undergo this surgical procedure. It is suggested that you speak with the vet about any concerns you have relating to your pet prior to the day of surgery. Liverpool City Council assumes no responsibility for any complications that may arise from the desexing of your pet under this program.

  • Program cannot be combined with any other Council offer and is only available to Liverpool Residents.
  • Program is not available to Rescue groups, Organisations, Breeders or trap neuter release (TNR) programs.