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The Fifteenth Avenue and Southern Cross Avenue intersection will be upgraded to a signalised crossing in the future. For the short to medium term, Council would investigate the need for a speed hump across Kingsford Smith Avenue.

Council has commenced the planning phase for staged delivery of parks in Austral. One of the first actions for Council is to acquire the land zoned for Public Recreation-RE1. Council has undertaken a rigorous process to develop a priority plan for land acquisition in Austral. This priority plan will be focusing on acquiring land in areas with growing residential development. While Council progress with this plan, we are also looking into upgrading Scott Memorial Park to meet the recreational needs of the local residents.
The Scot Memorial Park is a public park, however, the sporting fields are managed by Austral Soccer Club. Residents can utilise the open space and playground around the sporting fields.
The NSW Department of Planning, Industries and Environment has released an indicative layout plan in 2013 for Austral and North Leppington which identified sites for public recreation and aquatic facilities in Austral. As per this plan, the Scott Memorial Park has been identified for a regional aquatic facility. The current sport fields and recreation facilities will be moved to another park in the next five years.  Council has assessed the condition of the children’s playground and they are found to be in reasonable condition as per the audit standards. Given the above plans for public recreation in Austral, there are no immediate plans for renewal of assets in Scot Memorial Park.

Council is planning to upgrade Edmondson Avenue (with funding from the State Government).

The upgrade would include paved footpaths along both sides of the road. In addition, Council is working with Camden Council for paved footpath to be installed along Rickard Road (continuation of Edmondson Avenue in the Camden LGA).

Under the Local Government Act, Council can offer residents an opportunity to postpone or defer their rates in new estates. For more information, please contact Councils Rates team at

Council’s delivery team has a program to install the missing kerb and guttering on the South eastern corner of the intersection. As a medium-term project, Council will be investigating the possibility to upgrade the intersection to a signalised intersection.

Council has engaged independent consultants to assess the planning proposal, and an update will be regulary shared with residents at upcoming Forums.

Sixth Avenue is being reconstructed as subdivisions are being carried out on the properties adjacent to the road. If you have specific concerns please raise with Councils Traffic and Transport team.

A Pest Management Plan will be developed for the Indian Myna birds in early 2021, following the adoption of the Integrated Pest Management Strategy.

In relation to the CCTV camera being placed in park locations, Council at this stage does not place surveillance cameras into areas known to be frequented by children, including high profile public places such as parks, reserves, carparks, playground areas as well as residential housing.  
The intention of the cameras is for the purpose of capturing illegal dumping activities within hotspot areas, and not for the purpose of capturing any anti-social behaviour such as littering which has been the case in this event. The illegal waste team will respond to the littering issues by placing do not litter signage within the area.
If residents witness a littering offence within Ward Park or elsewhere it is recommended to self report via the EPA website. This reporting tool can be found online at which includes the tosser campaign run by the EPA.

Transport for NSW has published the changes to the M12 on its website. Community consultation is underway on the proposed changes. The changes can be found on -