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Draft Liverpool Rural Lands Strategy

Project Overview

Council has prepared the draft Liverpool Rural Lands Strategy as required by action 16.1 of the Local Strategic Planning Statement – Connected Liverpool 2040 (LSPS). This draft strategy applies to land including Denham Court and suburbs west of Austral. The strategy aims to guide the retention, improvement, rezoning and development of rural lands in the Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA).

The draft strategy identifies the need for agricultural lands to be recognised for their economic productivity value, as well as their intrinsic and landscape values. The draft strategy recognises that our planning framework needs to respond to issues in our rural areas, including the protection of biodiversity values, protection of rural heritage and management of areas which will transition to urban lands in the future.

The strategy will be important in providing guidance to any Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) amendment in these areas, including planning controls for both land-uses (zoning) and built form.

How to make a submission?

Submissions are invited from the public and can be sent to Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871 or via email to Written submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and be received by 5pm on 1 August 2023, quoting ref: 2022/3079.

What happens next?

All submissions will be assessed and reported to Council.

Who’s Listening

For further enquiries, please contact Kweku Aikins, Senior Strategic Planner, on 1300 36 2170 or