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AUSTRAL FOOTPATHS - Installation of Asphalt footpaths location recommendations.=

At Council meeting on 22 November 2023, Austral residents’ concerns were raised regarding the lack of footpaths in Austral. Noting it is unsafe for the residents to walk on the existing road shoulder and road due to lack of continuous footpaths to access schools, parks, shops, and public transport.

In greenfield areas, Developers typically provide, or contribute to the necessary infrastructure as part of the Development Conditions.

Austral was a rural area, progressively being upgraded as part of proposed subdivisions and urban development to a new urban standard. New footpaths and bike paths will be constructed as part of these upgrades and construction of new roads will continue as developments are completed.

As a temporary solution, Council has resolved to install asphalt footpaths for the residents to safely access schools, shops, parks, and public transport until the area is developed to an urban standard. This will provide safe access in the interim.

Resolution includes the following:

  • Prepare as a new initiative in next year’s budget, the allocation of $600K for the installation of asphalt footpaths in Austral.
  • Provide a process for community members to recommend locations for footpaths in Austral.
  • Direct the CEO to immediately prepare for the work to commence in July 2021 in anticipation of the adoption of the 24/25 budget.
  • Thank the local member Nathan Hagarty for his letter and write to him asking him to match the funding proposed by the Council.
  • Adopt the proposed funding of $200K per year for the ongoing years as proposed by the original recommendation.

Consultation on the locations of where footpaths are needed most.

In Feb 2024 council resolved to provide a process for community members to recommend locations for footpaths in Austral.

The survey is now closed.