New Bins Are Coming to Liverpool

Liverpool City Council will be commencing a new domestic waste collection contract from July 2021.

All residential properties in the LGA will receive new black-bodied bins. Your old green-bodied bin will be recycled to make new bins.

The bin replacement process will take place between mid-March 2021 and late June 2021.

After receiving your new bins please carefully read the instructions about the collection of your old bins.

We are giving our bins a refresh! Our last changeover was in 2009, nearly 12 years ago. As you can imagine there are many residents with old, broken and brittle bins.

Don’t worry your old bins will be recycled. New bins will be made from 80 percent recycled material – the circle of life.

Your new bins will be delivered between March 2021 to June 2021.

You can commence using your new bins immediately.

Only contact Council if you have not received your new bins by 14th June 2021.

If you moved into a new property after 1 January 2021 and have received black bodied bins for your service, you are exempt from the changeover process.

After you receive your new black-bodied bins please keep your old green-bodied bins on the kerbside for removal the next collection day even if they are empty. More detailed instructions will be placed on your new bin when it is delivered.

Old bins must be surrendered. The new bins are visually different to the old bins and after the changeover period, old bins presented to the kerbside will not be emptied.

The number of bins and the size of the bins that you receive will be determined by what Council records show that your property is entitled to. If you require additional bins please contact our Customer Service Centre for more information.

All old bins will be recycled. Old bins will be used to make new bins.

Please ask a neighbour or a friend to assist you.

Your new bins will be delivered two working days prior to your collection day, any time over the delivery period from March to the end of June 2021 (approximately).

Your collection day will remain the same, this process will not affect collections.

Old Bin removal instruction information

If bins were not left out for the removal, no bin removal can be completed.

Reference question above for details on when to put your old bins out.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre who will advise you of next steps.

Bins are being delivered until the end of June 2021 if you have not received them by the 14 June 2021 after this date please get in touch with our customer service team.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre who will check our database to see if your bin was delivered.

This commonly happens during distributions. Please leave bin in the sun for a couple of days and it will be fine.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre who will arrange for a new bin to be delivered.

Old bins have a dark green body, all new bins have a black body.

All dark green-bodied bins must be presented to the kerb to be emptied and removed as per instructions above.

All new services will be delivered black-bodied bins from 1 January 2021, these will be exempt from the process.