Library Forecourt

Everything Imaginable - George Rose

George Rose

Imagine More (Everything Imaginable)

Liverpool City Library features Rose’s mural created with colours that reflect Liverpool City Council.

The mural uses light to achieve dual meanings. In daylight, the mural reads 'Everything Imaginable' implying that the use of a library is a realm of the imagination. At night, a message reveals a neon light, which implores the community to imagine more.

Rose, a Melbourne-based artist, abandoned her formal design training to pursue a multidisciplinary art practice using colour, gradients and type to spread her message.

In 2016, she won Liverpool Council’s first annual Borrowed Wall Art Prize.


Phu Nguyen


Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s own technical installer Phu began painting in 2009.

His work, which took four days to finish, depicts Liverpool through the image of a nest.

Nguyen believes nests represent the hard work and care of a strong family leader. The colourful piece captures the strong presence of families in Liverpool, likening the area to a nest  – a place for families to build a home and start a new life.

Harmony Tree Mural

Bianca Yrure

Liverpool’s Harmony Tree

Liverpool’s Harmony Tree is a reflection of the richness of cultural diversity and language, including Aboriginal heritage, which makes up the fabric of Liverpool.

The Harmony Tree features the translation of the 2021 Harmony Day theme, “Everyone Belongs” in various community languages, including the local First Nations language, Darug, as well as Arabic, Hindi, Serbian, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Italian and English.

The leaves of the Harmony Tree are made up of handprints of local community members, signifying Liverpool’s ongoing commitment to an inclusive and cohesive community.

Bianca Yrure is a multi-disciplinary artist, who works as a painter and illustrator, and most recently has begun to explore more public ways of displaying art. Bianca has been involved in several group and solo exhibitions around Sydney since 2015, and aims to connect with people through her emotive paintings and drawings. Her art typically depicts trees as reminder that we are all part of a collective cycle of living and being.