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Design of Flood Detention Basin 14 in Edmondson Park

Where is the project taking place?

The project site is located on the corner of Bernera Road and Camden Valley Way in Edmondson Park.

What is the purpose of this project?

The Basin 14 flood detention system will have flood detention storage capacity of 48 megalitres (48 ML) and include nine raingardens / bioretention cells and two wetlands.

The flood detention basin will facilitate land filling and occupation of lands that would otherwise remain flood prone and unable to be developed.

This project will ensure appropriate flood mitigation is in place and will support the development of land for housing in the Edmondson Park area.

The objectives are to improve water quality, environmental amenity and usability of the park, increase tree canopy and restoration and preservation of biodiversity, provide greater access to a diverse range of recreational activities, provide stormwater control and enhance walkability and connections with walking and cycling.

What is proposed?

Liverpool City Council is pleased to publicly exhibit the design of Flood Detention Basin 14 in Edmondson Park.

The scope of this project are as follows:

  • A flood detention basin with a water storage capacity of 48 megalitres to detain stormwater in a large storm event to prevent downstream area from adverse impact of flooding due to the development at Edmondson Park
  • Raingardens / bioretention cells
  • Piped underground and open channel drainage system
  • Concrete shared paths
  • Associated landscaping

These works are proposed as part of the current stage of this project. A future stage of this project incorporating children’s playground, dogpark and a carpark will be delivered at a later stage.

The consultation is now closed.