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50 Walder Road, Hammondville Tree Works

Recently a significant limb of the Gum tree at 50 Walder Road in Hammondville fell, causing damage to nearby powerlines and buildings. Thankfully, no injuries occurred, but the incident highlighted the need to assess the tree's structural integrity.

Following an aerial assessment by an independent arborist, it’s been determined that the tree has significant defects, posing an ongoing risk to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby structures. The report advises that due to this  risk, removal of the whole tree is warranted. In light of this,council has decided to remove the tree to ensure public safety.

Council has fully investigated all avenues to save the tree, however public safety must take precedence. To provide full transparency around this we have included a copy of the independent arborist report here for you to view.

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We understand and appreciate this tree, has been a landmark since before 1953, and holds a great deal of significance to the local community.  Given this significance Council is proposing it the tree be replaced with a 400L Gum Tree of similar species to maintain the area's aesthetic appeal, whilst ensuring we continue to meet strategic objectives around biodiversity and reducing the urban heat island effect. Additionally, we plan to enhance the current tree surroundings with new concrete edging, native grasses, formal landscape mulch and commemorate the original tree by repurposing  it in a meaningful way to benefit  the community.

We value the community’s input on how best to preserve the memory of the original tree.  An online survey, open from 20th June to 12th July, will allow residents to vote on various repurposing options, including park benches, park furniture, street furniture, park signage, a fairy house, or an Anzac-themed sculpture. We encourage all community members to share their thoughts and help us honour this beloved tree in a meaningful way.

Due to the risks associated with the tree, removal work will begin Tuesday 16th July.

Council has planned the timing to minimise disruption, with most of the work occurring during the school holidays and the actual tree removal happening overnight.

This may cause some noise for nearby residents, but this approach reduces the impact on local businesses, traffic, and pedestrians, as the entire carpark needs to be closed to maintain community safety.


The night work may be noisy at times, but we will do everything we can to minimise its impact, including completing noisier activities earlier in the night where possible, and turning off equipment and machinery when not in use.

There may be temporary traffic changes around the work zone during this time to ensure safety for all while equipment is delivered, used, and removed. Please keep to speed limits and follow the direction of traffic controllers