Appealing a Fine

One form of enforcement action that is undertaken in Liverpool relates to the issue of a Penalty Infringement Notice.

There may be circumstances that warrant the review of a notice, or there may be reasons for the review of an offence.

Council can no longer review the issue of a notice, and all correspondence in relation to a review must be lodged through Revenue NSW.

Any requests for review that are received by Council will be forwarded to Revenue NSW for consideration.

If Revenue NSW requires further information, they will contact Council, who will provide that information.

Revenue NSW offer copies of photographs, as Rangers and Parking Officers photograph each and every offence.  A copy of the photograph will be made available at Revenue NSW.

If you elect to have the matter heard in Court, then no review can be undertaken, and the matter will be listed before a Judge.  You can ask for review without court election.

Revenue NSW has published their Review guidelines, which are available on their website, which clearly define the reasons for review.