Donate, swap, buy and sell

Like all householders, Liverpool residents sometimes find themselves with items which are no longer needed or wanted, but still in acceptable condition.

The great news is that there are many options for donating, swapping, buying and selling items, so that these items can be accepted by other people who need and want them.

Donations of items is a great way to support charities or causes, build community spirit and do something positive for those members of our community who may be struggling.

Swapping allows you to exchange unwanted items for other things that you might need or want.

Buying and selling used items through online platforms can help you make some money or purchase items at a good price. The link shown here gives a wide range of options for donating, swapping, buying and selling.

Donating, swapping, buying or selling personal and household items prevents sending usable goods to landfill and best of all is good for the environment.

Find a new home for your unused items today!