Middleton Grange

Middleton Grange, seen in distance from West Hoxton.
Middleton Grange, as seen from West Hoxton.

Planning the future of Middleton Grange

Council is responsible for delivering stormwater infrastructure, most public open spaces, some roads and community facilities in new precincts. The delivery of such infrastructure is prioritised on the infrastructure’s ability to open up land for development, namely stormwater and road infrastructure, and proximity to established residences for open space and community facility works. Council’s exhibitions and notices page and Current Major Works pages will list parks and community facilities to be delivered by Council.

To determine the zoning of your land, please perform an address search on Council’s ePlanning portal. To confirm the zoning it is recommended you obtain a Section 10.7 Certificate (Planning Certificate) from Council.

Read on for more detail of how Council will improve amenity and liveability of this growing suburb.

Council is designing a shared path bridge beside the M7 which will support the construction of a link road to connect Middleton Drive and Aviation Road. This new road will provide a connection from the Parkbridge Estate to Elizabeth Hills and Len Waters Estate. Construction of this link may also allow for re-configuration of local bus services, as a through-route will become available, subject to investigations with Transport for NSW and local bus operators.

Residents will also benefit from Council's Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit Corridor project, set to deliver a high quality public transport link between the Liverpool city centre, Western Sydney International Airport and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis in-line with the airport's opening in 2026.

Council is currently delivering Cirilllo Reserve, a $3.85 million outdoor sporting facility which includes competition grade lighting, gardens, tree planting and an outdoor gym.

Council is also investing nearly $2 million in delivering new facilities at Stante Park. This upgrade will include a water play park, playground equipment and an amenities building.

A community facility is also anticipated to be developed, subject to detailed investigations.