Safe Battery Recycling

Safe Battery Disposal

As an important message to all our residents and business owners, disposing of batteries the wrong way can cause serious fires that risk human safety, and can cause serious damage to facilities, waste trucks and equipment. The recycling facility serving all of Canberra was destroyed by a fire started from a battery. In 2022 alone, Fire and Rescue NSW recorded 180 lithium-ion battery fires, with related injuries also on the increase. Please help us to keep Liverpool free of battery fires and the expensive damage that they cause, by following these directions.

DO – collect your used and old batteries together and take them for recycling to drop-off points located in stores when you go to buy new batteries. Most shops that sell new batteries also have collection bins for old batteries, including supermarkets such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths, and hardware stores such as Bunnings.

DO - check with website B-Cycle to find the full range of locations that you can take used batteries to – there are many, so there will be one near you. Council’s Community Recycling Centre (CRC) at 99 Rose Street Liverpool is one such location.

DO – Make sure any handheld electronics, including vapes, are taken to a facility that will recycle them properly. Most of these contain internal batteries and cannot go into any household bins.

Never put batteries or electrical equipment in any of your household bins, this is not the correct way of disposing of them. Not only will they not get recycled, but they may cause a fire if batteries arc or get damaged.

Council thanks you for your care and diligence in keeping all batteries and electrical goods out of the bins and disposing of them safely and responsibly.