All tenders for the purchase of  goods, services and works where the estimated expenditure exceeds $250,000 including GST are advertised publicly, via Tenderlink.

Businesses who register via Tenderlink can view Tenders that are open, download a request for tender document and submit a tender.

To register visit: Tenderlink.

The legislative requirements set out the guidelines of how we purchase goods, services and works. Our Procurement Policy sets out the legal obligations and guidelines for all procurement activities.

Non-tender requests valued less than $250,000

For purchases of goods, works and services under $250,000 (Including GST), Council uses the following thresholds:

  • Under $75,000 – Council requires a minimum of one to three quotes based on internal thresholds.
  • Between $75,001 and $249,999 – Minimum of three written quotes (In some cases, Council may wish to advertise either privately or publicly via Tenderlink).

Council also uses the following providers to advertise business requests and contracts. Register via the following links to be considered.

Resolution of Tenders

To see a list of resolutions for tenders valued at over $150,000 please refer to the  Contracts Register available under the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 located on Council Website.

Tender Title Tender
Tenders Received
WT3238Design and Construct Stante Reserve Viewing Platform9th May 2023

Central Industries Pty Ltd ATF Central Industries Trust

Civil Constructions Pty Ltd

GEGE Constructions P/L

Growth Civil Landscapes Pty Ltd

How to Submit a Tender

1. Register your business via Tenderlink for a username and password

Select the relevant industry categories and refine the types of requests you would like to receive

2. Log in to Tenderlink

If you have any issues contact Tenderlink
P: 1800 233 533​​​​

3. Find and review the tender document

You must have an Australian Business Number which needs to be included in your application. You can apply for an ABN via the Australian Business Register website.

If you are unsure about a proposed contract, please contact the nominated representative in the tender advertisement.

4. Lodge your forms

Once you have finalised your submission and completed all necessary fields, you are ready to lodge your tender document.

Failure to answer all mandatory fields can result in your tender being marked as non-conforming.Tender submissions should be lodged electronically via Tenderlink by the closing time and date nominated.

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email.Late submissions will not be considered.

5. Awaiting review

Every submission will be reviewed by a tender evaluation panel in accordance with the criteria listed in the Request for Tender documents.

Council will examine your application for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Once Council has considered your responses, you will be advised via Tenderlink whether your submission was successful or not.

The Council will base procurement decisions on a principle of “value for money” rather than “lowest costs”.

There is no opportunity to negotiate the contract after the tender has been accepted. If you wish to offer substitute terms they must be submitted in full as part of your tender.

Lobbying councillors or staff is prohibited and may disqualify you from the process.


For enquiries email quotations@liverpool.nsw.gov.au