Doing Business With Council

Liverpool City Council is committed to supporting local business.

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The General Conditions of Working with Liverpool City Council apply to all contracts entered into between Council and:

  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Professional Services & Consultants

The only exception to this is where Council has issued a Request for Quotation or Request for Tender document that includes already established Conditions of Offer and Conditions of Contract. In this event, the conditions included within the Quote or Tender document will take precedence.

Please see the Doing Business with Liverpool City Council A Guide for Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers as this guide will provide information on the expectations of all consultants, contractors and suppliers who work with Council.

For any enquiries, please email


From 1 July 2009 Liverpool City Council commenced e-tendering as its method of issuing requests for quotes valued at less than $150,000 and Tenders valued at greater than $150,000.

Prospective offerors will be able to, following online registration, view a listing of Tenders that are open, download a request for tender document and submit a tender all via Council's e-tendering portal.

Click here to transfer to Council's Tenderlink portal to see a list of currently open tenders.





ST2809 Detailed Design of Water Management Infrastructures in East Leppington 11-02-2019
  • Calibre Professional Services Pty Ltd
  • Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd
  • Craig & Rhodes Pty Ltd T/A Storm Consulting
  • Knights and McAuley Pty Ltd
  • Premise Australia Pty Ltd
  • Indescp Pty Ltd
  • J Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd
  • Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
  • S & G Consultants Pty Ltd
  • SMEC Australia Pty Ltd
ST2810 Concept and Detailed Design for Edmondson Avenue 08-02-2019
  • BECA Pty Ltd
  • Calibre Professional Services Pty Ltd
  • Cardino NSWACT Pty Ltd
  • Craig Rhodes Pty Ltd
  • Enstruct Group Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • J Wyndham Prince
  • Jones Nicholson Pty Ltd
  • Kellogg Brown Root Pty Ltd
  • Meinhardt Australia Pty Ltd
  • Mott Macdonald Australia
  • Northrop Consulting
  • Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Turnbull Engineering Pty Ltd
ST2774 Audio and Staging Liverpool City Council Events 01-02-2019
  • Botswana Pty Ltd T/A sixt5 Productions
  • City Staging Pty. Limited
  • CMG Audio Visual Pty Ltd
  • Crystal Productions Pty Ltd
  • Damn Good Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Madzin Productions Pty Limited
EOI2813 Woodward Place Masterplan 29-01-2019
  • ARM Architecture
  • Aspect Studio Pty Ltd
  • Chrisp Consulting
  • Conybeare Morrison International Pty Ltd
  • Cox Architecture Pty Ltd
  • Distinctive Gardens and Interiors Pty Ltd
  • DWP Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ethos Urban Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Group GSA Pty Ltd
  • Hassell Ltd
  • Hames Sharley (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • McGregor Coxall Unit Trust
  • Place Design Group Pty Ltd
  • Peddle Thorp & Walker Pty Ltd
  • T/A PTW Architect
  • Ramboll Australia Pty Ltd
  • RPS Australia East Pty Ltd
  • SJB Architecture (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Spackman Mossop Michaels Pty Ltd
  • The Trustee for Choi Ropiha Fighera Unit Trust
  • Roberts Day Group Pty Ltd
  • Tract Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Wolter Group Holdings
WT2770 Georges River Foot Bridge Rehabilitation Works, Voyager Point 21-12-2018
  • Eptec Services Pty Ltd
ST2756 Tyre Fitting and Repair Services 13-11-2018
  • Bexley Tyres Pty Ltd
  • Bob Jane Corporation
  • Bridgestone Australia Ltd
  • Michelin Australia Ltd
  • The Trustee For The Twa Trust
ST2746 Landscape Maintenance Services 12-11-2018
  • Snippers Lawnmowing
  • Maintenance Service & Sales Pty Ltd
  • Solid Ground Landscaping Pty Ltd
  • Stone Will Pty Ltd
  • Triniem Pty Limited
  • Udl M Pty Ltd
  • Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd
  • Waratah Lawncare And Garden Management Pty Ltd
WT2805 Whitlam Leisure Centre Pool Concourse Refurbishment 12/11/2018
  • ARA Building Services Pty Ltd
  • DPJ Coating Systems Pty Ltd
WT2766 Lifts Renewal at
Warren Serviceway
Car Park,
Casula Powerhouse
and Liverpool Library
  • Kone Elevators Pty Ltd
  • Otis Elevator Company Pty Ltd
  • Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd
RCL2784 Supply of External Vehicle Serving and Repairs (inc Registration Check Services) 31-10-2018
  • Winkley's Service Centre Pty Ltd
RCL2786 Body Builders and Smash Repair Services 31-10-2018
  • Habibs Bros Pty Ltd
  • Truck And Car Smash Repairs
  • Nathans Truck And Trailer Smash Repairs Pty Ltd
  • Sid'S High-Quality Smash Repairs Pty Limited
  • Maggay, Shane Top Score Smash & Customs
  • The Trustee For The Wales Truck Repairs Trust
WT2771 Whitlam Leisure Centre Family Fun Pool Resurfacing 23-10-2018
  • Aqua Line Pool Renovators Pty Ltd

Strategic Concept Design of Denham Court Road between  Commissioners  Drive and  Campbelltown Road in Denham Court

  • Acor Nnsw Unit Trust
  • At&L And Associate Pty Ltd
  • Cardino (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • J Wyndham Prince Pty Ltd
  • Jones Nicholson Pty Limited
  • Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd
  • Meinhardt (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Murphy Udayan Group Pty Ltd T/A Mu Group Consulting
WT2776 "Heritage Restoration Works at Rosebank Cottage, Liverpool" 09-10-2018
  • A J Bristow & Sons Pty Limited
  • Murphy’s Remedial Builders Pty Ltd
  • Rapid Construction Pty Ltd

Implementation &  Maintenance of  Contract Management  System

  • Open Windows Pty
  • HKA Global Pty Ltd
  • EBMS Pty Ltd
  • Aveva Pty Ltd
  • Allaboutxpert Australia Pty Ltd

To see a list of resolutions for tenders valued at over $150,000 please refer to the Contracts Register available under the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 located on Council Website.

For enquiries email

WHS Site Safety Rules

Contractors are to refer to the Minimum Site Safety Rules when developing their own safety rules. The rules must be included in the WHS Management Plan and the Contractor is responsible for their Implementation and monitoring.

BCISPA Statement

Where the Contractor has engaged a subcontractor they must complete a Subcontractors Statement to confirm all moneys due and payable to them have been paid and attach this to their payment claim. A template statement is attached for your convenience.

The Digital Marketplace is a digital government service. It is comprised of a procurement panel compliant with Commonwealth Procurement Rules and website with seller catalogue and government opportunities.