Community 2168 Project

The Community 2168 Project was founded in 1999 and operated until 2019. It was a major urban renewal and community capacity building partnership project located in Miller, a suburb of Liverpool. This project received support from the NSW State Government, human services agencies, local government, and the local community.

Key to the Project was the establishment of partnerships; bringing together residents, businesses, government, and community organisations to improve and build on services, facilities, and opportunities for the local community.

The Project was guided by the Community 2168 Strategic Plan and delivered on the following broad priority areas:

  • Community building, engagement, participation and communication;
  • Community pride and harmony;
  • Urban renewal;
  • Employment and skills development;
  • Education and training;
  • Community safety; and
  • Health and well-being.

The project closed in July 2019.

For all inquiries regarding past and ongoing projects including new initiatives in the 2168 postcode area, contact Council on or 1300 36 2170.