Liverpool’s Local Environmental Plan Review

Council is currently reviewing the  Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 to further align it with the Liverpool Local Strategic Planning Statement ‘Connected Liverpool 2040' and the Greater Sydney Commission’s Western City District Plan.

The LEP Review has been endorsed by Council under the Mayor's 100 Day Plan,  which states “Start the process to create a new Liverpool LEP as a matter of urgency”.

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A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the legislative document councils use to guide planning decisions. LEPs use land use zones and other development controls, such as height of buildings, lot sizes and floor space ratio to shape the character of a suburb.

Land Use Zones specify which types of developments are allowed in certain areas, for example where houses, businesses and industrial areas are located. Through Land Use Zones, Council can ensure Liverpool develops in places where it makes the most sense.

The Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008 applies to various suburbs across Liverpool’s Local Government Area (LGA), marked as blue in the image below. Other suburbs are covered by State Government Planning Legislation and are not impacted by this review.

Suburbs under the LLEP 2008 include:


Edmondson Park

Kemps Creek*^



Elizabeth Hills

Len Waters Estate







Green Valley



Carnes Hill






Middleton Grange^

Warwick Farm

Cecil Hills^



Wattle Grove

Cecil Park*^



West Hoxton^

Chipping Norton

Horningsea Park^

Mount Pritchard

Voyager Point

Denham Court *^

Hoxton Park

Pleasure Point


*No changes are proposed to rural land under the LLEP 2008, as a Rural Lands Strategy will be developed and community engagement will occur separately, prior to amending the LLEP 2008

^Part of the suburb is under the LLEP 2008, and certain parts are covered by separate planning legislation not part of this review

The Mayor’s 100 Day Plan included a commitment to “Start the process to create a new Liverpool LEP as a matter of urgency”. There was also a commitment to reduce the height of building to a maximum of 12m across numerous suburbs, which is being addressed by this review.

Extensive community engagement occurred during 2019 and 2020, as part of developing the Local Strategic Planning Statement “Connected Liverpool 2040 (LSPS). Council heard the strategic planning priorities of the community which have been included in the final LSPS document. This LEP Review is addressing the priorities in the LSPS, notably protecting the suburban character of residential areas.

In 2021, Council completed ‘Phase #1 Review’ of the LLEP 2008, which consisted of mostly housekeeping amendments, and importantly, reduced the extent of R4 High Density Residential zoned land within Moorebank, following targeted community engagement.

During the Phase #1 Review, Liverpool City Council undertook several studies relating to residential, industrial and commercial land in the LGA. These investigations were used to inform various Land Use Strategies, which were adopted by Council on 26 August 2020.

The above strategies contain a number of short, medium and long term actions, to inform a new Local Environmental Plan. These recommendations are now under consideration by Council as part of this review.

The LEP Review is investigating changes to residential, commercial, industrial and environmental aspects of the current LEP, including investigating the following:

  • Residential Land
    • Reduce the extent of High Density Residential zoned land, and generally apply a 12m height of building limit to protect suburbs from high density development;
    • Investigate new controls for Medium Density Residential zoned land to promote diverse forms of housing (terraces, town houses etc), to assist in delivering affordable housing options and ensure high quality design;
    • Investigate new controls for Low Density Residential zoned land to protect the character of low-density suburban areas;
  • Commercial Land
    • Review planning controls for commercial land within the City Centre;
    • Reduce the maximum height of buildings to 12m or less for commercial land to protect suburbs from overdevelopment;
  • Industrial Land
    • Investigate new controls to rejuvenate industrial land and promote new businesses to establish within Liverpool’s industrial precincts;
  • Environmental Land
    • Rezone Council owned land to create pocket parks within the City Centre; and
    • Investigate controls for urban heat, recycled water, and protecting waterways and vegetation, to ensure planning controls are environmentally friendly.

Visit Councils Online Map tool, to determine the land use zone in the LLEP 2008 (and other State Legislation not covered by this review).

Visit the Exhibition Website to view Summary Sheets and proposed draft changes to your suburb.

Printed copies for viewing are available at the Customer Service Desk at 33 Moore Street, Liverpool and at all Council libraries. If you do not have internet access and cannot access these locations please call us on 1300 36 2170.

Below is a brief indicative timeline of the Phase #2 LEP Review:

  • Q1 2022: Commenced by reviewing adopted Land Use Strategies
  • Q2 2022: Councillor Workshops to determine the scope of the review
  • Q3 2022: Present Scoping Report to Council for endorsement
  • Q4 2022: Early community engagement on Scoping Report
  • Q1 2023: Prepare a ‘Planning Proposal’ to start the legislative process for a new LEP
  • Q2 2023: Submit Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning & Environment (DPE)
  • Q3 2023: Receive ‘Gateway Determination’ from DPE to allow Council to proceed
  • Q4 2023: Public Exhibition and community engagement activities
  • Q1 2024: Report findings of community engagement to Council
  • Q3 2024: Gazettal of new Liverpool Local Environmental Plan

The LEP Review is in its early stages. A Planning Proposal (see timeline above) is required prior to these changes being finalised. Therefore, the proposed amendments do not affect any current Development Applications under assessment by Council or appeal processes.

Council is accepting submissions on the draft proposed changes until 13 November 2022.

There are two ways to make your submission:

  1. Direct Submission through the Exhibition Webpage (preferred option)

    The exhibition webpage allows for submissions to be made as you read through the exhibition material. You can make one submission or multiple submissions as you read through the documents, and only have to input your contact information once.

    Your submission/s are sent directly to Council and you will receive an automated reply notifying your submission has been received. There is no need to submit a separate submission via email or hard copy.

    The exhibition webpage also includes links to surveys.

  2. Submit to Council 

    Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to, or by post to Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871. Please address your submission to Nancy-Leigh Norris, Executive Planner, and quote reference “RZ-8/2022”.

If you have any questions about the exhibition, please contact Council on 1300 36 2170, or email the team at

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