Contribution Plans

As Liverpool grows, Council funds new infrastructure for the community in part by levying contributions from developers. These funds are spent locally, near the development and can generally be used for:

  • Roads and pedestrian connections;
  • Flood and stormwater infrastructure;
  • Parks and open space; and
  • Library resources.

In new suburbs, contributions can be spent on improvements such as new roads, drainage and parks. In established suburbs, contributions can be spent on improvements such as upgrades to parks, playgrounds and streetscapes. Specific examples of projects funded by contributions, as well as projects funded for delivery in the 2019/20 financial year, are included in the “Contributions at work” section below.

Developer contributions are one way Council funds infrastructure. Liverpool City Council’s total capital expenditure, which includes developer contributions, in the 2019/20 financial year will be $156 million.

For Council’s complete program of works funded from all sources, visit

Council has a $156 million capital works program, which includes $66million worth of developer contribution projects. This program of works includes a significant amount of land acquisition, enabling Council to continue to deliver projects over the coming years.

The construction projects scheduled for delivery this year will unlock more development potential in Austral and North Leppington Precincts, and provide improved amenity through the construction or improvement of open space and parks across the LGA.

Refer to the document here for more information on the projects funded and scheduled for 2019/20 financial year.

Division 7.1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 gives Council the power to levy contributions from developers for public infrastructure required as a consequence of their development.

Contributions may be in the form of cash payments, transfer or dedication of land to Council or the provision of a material of public benefit (generally known as works in kind). For Council to levy contributions there must be a clear nexus between the proposed development and the need for the public infrastructure for which the levy is being required.

The requirements for payment of contributions are based on:

Repealed Plans

When a Council repeals a contribution plan, the plan no longer applies to the land, except where an existing consent condition applies. However, if a consent condition is modified, Council can no longer consider the repealed plan and must consider any and all new contribution plans that apply to the land. At Council meeting held 22 November 2023, Council via resolution repealed Austral Leppington North Contribution Plan 2014. This Plan no longer applies to development applications or modifications determined from 23 November 2023. You can review the repealed plan here:

Liverpool Contributions Plan 2014 – Austral Leppington North

Current Rates March 2024 Quarter Liverpool Contributions Plan 2008 - Edmondson Park, Liverpool Contributions Plan 2009, Liverpool Contributions Plan 2014 -Austral and Leppington North Precincts and Liverpool Contributions Plan 2015 - East Leppington Precinct,Liverpool Contributions Plan 2018 - Liverpool City Centre (December 2018) and Liverpool Contributions Plan 2018 - Established Areas (December 2018).

  • Infrastructure Maps - Liverpool Contributions Plan 2008 (Edmondson Park) and Liverpool Contributions Plan 2009 (December 2010) maps. Click on the Map Tile that corresponds with the development area to view the detailed plan within the PDF file.
  • Infrastructure Map - Liverpool Contributions Plan 2014 – Austral and Leppington North Precincts and Liverpool Contributions Plan 2015 – East Leppington Precinct maps.
  • Infrastructure Map - Liverpool Contributions Plan 2018 - Established Areas