Public Domain Master Plan

The Liverpool City Centre Public Domain Master Plan is Council’s 10-year vision to guide the development of public space and pave the way to a greener, more vibrant and active city centre while fostering an 18-hour economy.

Wider footpaths, dedicated cycleways, more street trees and vegetation, public art, better furniture, pedestrian lighting and new paving materials are among the improvements suggested in the plan that will improve accessibility and amenity.

The plan provides a cohesive approach to development in the city centre and a useful set of standards for Council, private developers and local businesses, with 76 Council projects in the pipeline to provide meaningful work during construction.

Developed after extensive consultation with the community, government agencies and businesses, the master plan provides a list of the public infrastructure to best support the vibrant economy of Sydney’s third CBD as Liverpool attracts more residents, workers and visitors.

The Liverpool City Centre Public Domain Master Plan was adopted unanimously by Councillors at the 24 June 2020 Council meeting.

Click here to download a copy of the Liverpool City Centre Public Domain Master Plan.