Austral and Leppington

New residential development in Leppington.
Aerial photo of residential development construction in Leppington.

Austral, Leppington North and East Leppington have been rezoned by the NSW Government as part of the South West Growth Area.

Austral and Leppington North fall within the Liverpool and Camden Local Government Areas (LGAs) and will accommodate approximately 17,350 homes once developed. East Leppington falls within the Campbelltown, Liverpool and Camden LGAs and has the capacity for approximately 4,450 homes, although only a small portion of this area is within the Liverpool LGA.

To determine the zoning of your land, please perform an address search on Council’s ePlanning portal. To confirm the zoning it is recommended you obtain a Section 10.7 Certificate (Planning Certificate) from Council.

Planning the future of Austral and Leppington

Council is responsible for delivering stormwater infrastructure, most public open spaces, some roads and community facilities in new precincts. The delivery of such infrastructure is prioritised on the infrastructure’s ability to open up land for development, namely stormwater and road infrastructure, and proximity to established residences for open space and community facility works. Council’s exhibitions and notices page and Current Major Works pages will list parks and community facilities to be delivered by Council.

Read on for more detail of how Council and other organisations will improve amenity and liveability of these growing suburbs through zoning and infrastructure investment.

Road improvements

Several existing roads in the suburbs will be upgraded by different parties, with major roads already upgraded including Bringelly Road, Camden Valley Way and parts of Denham Court Road.

Edmondson Avenue is under design investigation to provide a transit boulevard connecting centres in Austral to Leppington Station and Fifteenth Avenue. Fifteenth Avenue is also under preliminary design investigations as part of Council's Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit Corridor project, set to deliver a high quality public transport link between the Liverpool city centre, Western Sydney International Airport and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis in-line with the airport's opening in 2026.

Many of the existing rural standard roads in Austral and parts of Leppington will be progressively upgraded over time. Typically when a farm lot is developed, Council requires the developer to upgrade half of the rural road around the property as a condition of development consent. This ensures that, over time, the existing roads are upgraded to an urban standard as the area develops. Council acknowledges this may result in new developments being connected by rural roads and is investigating ways to improve this outcome.


The area is well supported by public transport with several regional bus routes and direct train services from Leppington Station connecting to key regional job hubs of Liverpool and Parramatta, as well as direct services to the Sydney CBD.

The NSW Government provides commuter parking at train stations and has begun work on a new commuter car park at Leppington. It will provide up to 1000 additional parking spaces, with work scheduled for completion in mid-2021.

Water and wastewater infrastructure

Sydney Water is constructing new water and wastewater infrastructure in the Austral, Leppington North and East Leppington precincts. In most cases, development in these areas cannot proceed until both major water and sewerage infrastructure have been provided in the area.

Sydney Water has a servicing plan for growth areas, which broadly outlines the staging of drinking water and sewage capacity upgrades within the precinct. Construction will occur in a staged manner. To find out where services are being constructed, developers and property owners are encouraged to view the Sydney Water Growth Servicing Plan.

Stormwater infrastructure

As Austral and East Leppington develop, Council has committed to acquiring more than 66 hectares of land for new stormwater detention basins, drainage channels, creeks and other water management infrastructure.

This infrastructure is essential to ensure that residents will not be subject to flooding. New infrastructure will also be built to ensure that stormwater entering our creeks is filtered from litter and other nutrients, to improve the health of our waterways.

Council is also planning to incorporate more recreation, walking and cycling opportunities next to creeks and flood basins.

Community facilities

Three community facilities are being planned in Austral, with investigations underway to determine what functions they should include, such as community meeting rooms, creative arts spaces or halls for hire. A facility will be located in each planned/current centre at the intersection of Fourth and Gurner Avenues; the intersection of Tenth and Edmondson Avenues; and the western end of Eighth Avenue, where it will intersect with a new key road.

An additional larger district facility is under investigation for the centre at the intersection of Edmondson and Fifteenth Avenues. Ideas put forward for this facility might include a library, function space, customer enquiry desk, and an early education and care centre.

A regional indoor sports and aquatic facility is identified on land currently occupied by Scott Memorial Park.

A regional community facility is planned within the Leppington Town Centre. This facility is within the Camden LGA and Liverpool City Council hopes to be involved in the design of this facility when Camden Council begins the design exercise.

As with areas of public open space, Council faces several challenges in delivering these facilities, specifically with regards to funding. Given NSW Government directions, Council is unable to fund the delivery of community facility buildings from Development Contributions (which pays for most other Council provided infrastructure).

Open space

Approximately 110 hectares of public open space will be delivered by Council in Austral and Leppington as they develop. The new facilities will include playgrounds, walking trails and sporting fields. The suburbs have been planned to ensure that most new residents will be within 400 metres of a park.

While many school sites have been reserved in the suburb of Austral, the NSW Department of Education is responsible for the planning and delivery of school infrastructure in the suburbs of Austral and Leppington. There is one government school at present - Austral Primary School, located on Edmondson Avenue, between Ninth and Tenth Avenues.

Another three non-government schools operate in Austral. These are Al-Faisal College Liverpool, located on the corner of Gurner and Fourth Avenues; St Anthony of Padua Catholic School, located on Eleventh Avenue, between Edmondson and Fourth Avenues; and Unity Grammar, located on Fourth Avenue, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Five centres have been zoned for shops in Austral and Leppington within the Liverpool Local Government Area. This includes the existing centres on Edmondson Avenue (near Fifteenth Avenue and Tenth Avenue), as well as new centres at:

  • the intersection of Gurner Avenue and Fourth Avenue;
  • the western end of Eighth Avenue, where it intersects with a future key road; and
  • on Camden Valley Way, near an existing Caltex service station.

The Leppington Town Centre is also planned as a strategic centre and has land zoned for a broad range of land uses. While Council is responsible for assessing most development applications in commercial centres, this land is still privately owned, and it is at the discretion of land-owners and developers to provide new development for shops and other business activities.