Public Exhibitions and Notices

Council gives notice or places on public exhibition important policies, documents and development proposals in accordance with legal requirements and resolutions of Council. These:

  • provide members of the public with information regarding these important matters and
  • allow members of the public to provide feedback before final decisions are made.

If you wish to lodge a submission, comment or objection about a matter currently on public exhibition or the subject of a public notice, Council must receive it before the expiry of the exhibition or notice period.

You can email or post your submission to Liverpool City Council. Please quote Council's reference number on your correspondence.

Please note that information collected by Council in relation to development applications including public submissions on development applications, is open access information that can be obtained by members of the public under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Most of the information collected by Council can be accessed via this Act and in accordance with Council's Privacy Management Plan.

Modifications to the plans to build a concrete recycling facility off Newbridge Road and Brickmakers Drive in Georges Fair have been proposed.

View all development applications or rezoning applications on advertising.



In accordance with section 253 of the Local Government Act 1993, Liverpool City Council resolved at its meeting on Wednesday 27 June 2018, to place on public exhibition the Civic Expenses and Facilities Policy for a period of 28 days. This policy is on exhibition from Wednesday 18 July 2018 until Tuesday 14 September 2018 for the purpose of obtaining community feedback on the following proposed amendment to clause 4.1.3 of the policy:

To change the wording of the Policy at 4.1.3 from:

In accordance with Section 248 of the Local Government Act 1993 and the determination by the Tribunal, the Council will determine on an annual basis the fee to be paid to the Mayor and Councillors.”


As a policy objective, the annual fee paid for Councillors and the Mayor will be equivalent to the maximum fee as recommended by the Tribunal. This objective recognises that Liverpool is a rapidly growing Council, requiring enormous effort in managing this growth while simultaneously ensuring that the existing population is supported and well served. Elected members may receive payment by direct debit upon request..”

Council will receive submissions up until 5pm on Tuesday 14 September 2018. Please address your submission to the Chief Executive Officer, quoting 2018/1324 and either post it to Locked Bag 7064 Liverpool BC NSW 1871 or email it to

The draft Civic Expenses and Facilities Policy can be downloaded or viewed here.

In accordance with the Roads Act 1993, Liverpool City Council is exhibiting Rieckmann Lane for an unnamed laneway in Liverpool and Bratchell Court for a future cul-de-sac in Casula. Brushtail Court is also being exhibited in the event that Bratchell Court is not supported.

Written submissions on the proposed names are invited and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and received by Tuesday 14 August 2018. Submissions can be made to Liverpool City Council, Locked Bag 7064 Liverpool BC NSW 1871, or by email to (quoting file number 2015/3948). For further information, pleasecontact Louis Chen, Strategic Planner, on 8711 7630.

Council resolved at its meeting on 30 May 2018 to place the Code of Meeting Practice on public exhibition for the purposes of obtaining community feedback on the following proposed Clause to be made to the Code:

The proceedings, including all debate, of all ordinary and extraordinary meetings held in the council chamber excluding those parts of the meeting which are held in confidential session in accordance with Section 10A(2) of the Local Government Act 1993, shall be webcast. It should also be noted that the Public Forum section of Council meetings will not be webcast. Council is not responsible for defamatory statements made by members of the public at a council meeting, whether published by the Council or not.

Copies of the Code of Meeting Practice, containing the proposed amendment are available at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, 33 Moore Street Liverpool, at Liverpool City Library (170 George Street), at all Liverpool branch libraries and on Council’s website –

Submissions will be received by Council up to 5pm Wednesday 25 July 2018 and must be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer quoting (2016/0372) and either posted to Liverpool City Council, Reply Paid 66322, Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC NSW 1871 or emailed to

Council wishes to advise that it will be commencing the construction of Bernera Road Extension Project between Camden Valley Way and Soldiers Parade in Edmondson Park. The extension of Bernera Road will include:

  • Construction of a four lane urban road between Camden Valley Way and Soldiers Parade;
  • Construction of a major box culvert along Maxwells Creek;
  • Construction of a storm water drainage system including installation of two gross pollutants traps (GPT’s);\
  • Installation of a 375mm water main, on behalf of Sydney Water;
  • Installation of transmission ducts on behalf of Endeavour Energy;
  • Relocation of Telstra, NBN, Jemena and Sydney Water Assets; and
  • Streetscape embellishment involving landscaping, shared paths, footpaths and street lighting.

This road provides the main public transport access through Edmondson Park to the train station and will straighten the existing alignment of Croatia Avenue from Camden Valley Way. The extension of Bernera Road will provide an essential link between major State roads including M7, Hume Highway and Cowpasture Road between the suburbs of Casula and Carnes Hill.

The works will commence in April 2018 and are planned to be completed by early 2019, subject to favourable weather conditions.

Traffic control arrangements including detours will be put in place. Please refer to this map showing the detour route.

Should you require any further information on this project, please do not hesitate to contact Suresh Kumar, Program Engineer Roads on (02) 8711 7519.