Planning The Future

Aerial image of the Liverpool city centre, home of the Liverpool Innovation Precinct.
Aerial image of the Liverpool city centre, which was rezoned in 2018 to allow mixed-use development and help it transition into Sydney's Third CBD.

Liverpool is one of the fastest growing local government areas in NSW, experiencing substantial growth in both urban release areas and redevelopment in established areas.

The city centre has emerged as Sydney’s Third CBD and Liverpool City Council is playing its part to ensure that development across the Liverpool local government area is beneficial to the Liverpool community. We will achieve positive environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Council oversees the management of new land releases along with the NSW Government. This includes renewal of established areas, rezoning and the formulation of the policies and plans that will help us manage the impacts of development and growth.

We take into consideration a wide range of potential influences and impacts such as population growth, demographic change, NSW Government planning directions and policies, design excellence and industry best practice.

A number of NSW Government land release areas fall either fully or partially within the Liverpool area including the South West Priority Growth Area, the Western Sydney Employment Area and Western Sydney Aerotropolis. This means that both Council and the NSW Government are involved in the planning of these areas.

Council’s planning documents and controls, relevant maps and property information can be found on the ePlanning portal.

Key Terms

Council has adopted the Liverpool Local Housing Strategy, Liverpool Centres and Corridors Strategy and the Liverpool Industrial and Employment Lands Strategy.

The purpose of these strategies is to guide strategic land use planning in Liverpool and to support the ongoing review of the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan.

The strategies respond to key trends and opportunities to ensure that growth in Liverpool is appropriately managed and provides guidance for the assessment of future planning proposals.

The principal planning document for a local government area which is the legislative or legal basis for planning decisions. For the Liverpool area this document is called the Liverpool Local Environment Plan 2008.

Find out more about Councils upcoming review of the LEP.

Provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the LEP.

Click here for more information about Liverpool’s Development Control Plans.

State-wide plans which apply to development in certain circumstances or in certain areas. Refer to the NSW Legislation website for current state environmental planning policies.

A request made to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to amend or change an aspect of the LEP. Also known as a rezoning application when it aims to change the zone of a parcel of land.

Usually rural areas which are subject to detailed master planning for future urban development.