Strategy and Resources

Liverpool's Economic Development Strategy 2022-2032 outlines the key economic priorities, actions and targets that will guide the growth of Liverpool's economy over the next five years.

The Strategy is accompanied by the Liverpool Investment Profile, the Liverpool Economic Profile, and six industry profiles below:

These documents provide an overview of the six main growth sectors:

For more information please contact Chris Guthrie, Co-ordinator Business Development.


Deloitte has worked with business and government to create a blueprint for the economic transformation of Western Sydney: a vision that unites the multiple stakeholder perspectives on how to transform and restructure the region, in order to create 200,000 great new jobs by 2020.

Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney outlines how best to enable people to work, live and play in the Western Sydney area, rather than commuting to the Sydney CBD. This, in turn, will encourage residents to build strong local communities, which will create more jobs and a greater sense of local pride and prosperity. The blueprint ultimately provides an agreed action plan to make the vision a reality. the new airport or to establish local artistic, sporting and tourism facilities.

Download the report Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney.

Greater Sydney Commission

The South West District is Sydney's fastest growing District, where urban lifestyles meet rural living and residents enjoy the best of both worlds. It's rich in Aboriginal, colonial and migrant history and heritage and is one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia.

Click here to view the Western Sydney District Plan