Early and Middle Childhood

Early Learning

ECEI is a free program that helps families with children aged 0 - 6 with assistance, advice and access to the supports in your local community. If your child is aged 0 - 6 and has a disability, or if there are concerns with their development, they may be eligible to receive support from the NDIS through the ECEI program.

As the NDIS Partner delivering ECEI services, EACH will be the first point of contact for parents and carers who have a baby or young child with developmental delay or disability, we will work with families to ensure they have access to supports quickly and easily.

For more information please contact us on 1300 003 224

Communities for Children (C4C) is an early intervention program that aims to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for children aged 0-12 years and their families in disadvantaged communities across Australia.

As the Facilitating Partner for the ‘2168’ C4C program, Mission Australia (Miller Pathways) funds Community Partners to deliver a range of activities and evidence-based programs for families living in defined suburbs in and around the 2168 postcode that promote child and family wellbeing. In addition to funded activities Miller Pathways also works in partnership with government,  non-government and industry organisations to improve service access and quality to support this change through lead professional practice and network groups such as the Liverpool Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) Working Group, Fairfield-Liverpool Playgroup Network, Paint Liverpool REaD Working Group and Circle of Security Facilitator Network Interest Group.

For more information contact 9732 6500

Starting Blocks provides parents with information about registered early childhood education and care and out of school hours care to help them make the best choice for their child and family.

Starting Blocks is a starting point to:

Our aim is to provide you and your family with trusted information, all in one place.

Visit Starting Blocks Find a Child Care page for more information.

Links to Early Learning (Supporting Families into Early Childhood Education) is a voluntary early intervention program.
We support young children to participate in the important early childhood education that will help prepare them for school.
The program is designed to smooth the process for parents who may be facing challenges in supporting their child to prepare for school by accessing Early Learning Services.
By connecting families to quality early childhood education options and support services prior to their children starting school, they’ll have the opportunity to experience a sense of unlimited possibility and potential.

Eligible families are assigned an early learning linker who supports parent/s to access and sustain a placement in an early learning centre.

Some of our support includes:

  • Assistance with transport (including to medical/allied health providers)
  • Advocacy, advice, information and referrals
  • Provision of materials goods (which will support the family to address needs, preventing them from accessing ecec)
  • Brokerage (to address ecec fee related barriers)

To be eligible to our program, a child must be:

  • Not currently attending an early childhood education service.
  • Start school in the next year or two.
  • Able to attend at least 1-2 days a week.
  • Living in Canterbury/Bankstown, Fairfield or Liverpool Local Government Area.

Our linkers have an early childhood lens when engaging and supporting all the carers and children they work with. They can bring early learning insight to discussions and case conferences, with the voice of the parent/child as the primary voice. There is no scope for case management or case work.

We have programs to help young children’s language and social development every weekday at one of our libraries. Drop into your local branch to rock, rhyme and read with your baby at Rhymetime, keep your toddler entertained at Toddlertime or encourage a love of reading for your pre-schooler with great picture books at a Storytime.

We also have an excellent selection of picture books, parenting books, and online resources, like Parent TV, you can use if you become a library member.

For session times and to learn more about our regular children’s programs, visit us at Kids Regular Programs | Liverpool City Council - Library (nsw.gov.au) or call us on 8711 7177.


Download the Playgroup listing for the Liverpool Local Government Area PDF to find a playgroup in your area.

Transition to School

Liverpool City Council Children’s Services in conjunction with Liverpool City Library runs a transition to school program to meet a need in the Liverpool community to support and guide children in their smooth transition to school. The program is run by a qualified early childhood teacher who currently works in council’s early education and care centres across Liverpool.

A strong transition to school program is vital for children who are attending ‘big school’ as it gives them the strategies they need to have a positive start to school. Children must be aged 4 years and over and not attend any Liverpool City Council child care centres.

This program runs for one term and is in the following locations during school terms:

  • Carnes Hill Library: Monday 10-11:30am;
  • Green Valley Library: Tuesdays 10-11:30am;
  • Liverpool Library: Wednesdays 10-11:30am;
  • Moorebank Library: Thursdays 10-11:30am;
  • Casula Library: Fridays 10-11:30am.

Cost: Free (one 10 week session per child only).

To enquire call 8711 7568 for more information.

Warwick Farm is recognised within the community as being a small, friendly school. It has an aesthetically pleasing setting with a large play area for students. The focus continues to be on literacy, numeracy and the welfare of students and the whole school community. There is a high level of support to meet the needs of individuals through specific initiatives.

The ‘Get Ready For Big School!’ Kindy Transition Program will help children gain an understanding of what 'Big School' is all about through fun activities. Children get to play in their prospective classrooms and meet staff so that the step into 'Big School' is a positive transition. This program is only available to children who are attending Warwick Farm Public School the following year.

This programs runs in Term 4 only.

Visit the About Page of Warwick Farm Public School or call 9602 9797 for more information.

“Time to think, create, explore and solve” - Providing an intentional transition to Kindergarten within a nurturing Christian community.

The Prep curriculum reflects the belief that children learn best when they are active participants in their learning and that each child comes with a unique wealth of experiences, knowledge and understandings of their world. Children have opportunities to engage in a rich, thought-provoking environment that is designed to strengthen and extend:

  • Early literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Positive relationships;
  • Problem solving and inquiry based learning; and
  • Technology skills.

Your child can be placed on a waiting list for Prep at any time, however, students must be four years old by May 31st in the year they begin Prep. You may also choose to make an enrolment for Kindergarten at William Carey at this time. These choices can be made at the time of your interview.

Children may be enrolled in the following programs:

  • Program 1: Three days, Monday – Wednesday;
  • Program 2: Two days, Thursday – Friday;
  • Program 3: Five days, Monday – Friday.

The Prep School operates on the same term dates as the rest of the school and runs each day from 8:30am until 3pm, however, there is supervision for the children from 8am.

Visit William Carey Christian School for more information.

School Aged Programs and Activities

Autism Advisory and Support Service (AASS) was established as a support and network and advisory service to empower children with Autism and their families through knowledge and support, and to positively impact and influence their children's social and emotional development

AASS has the legal status as a not for profit incorporated charity. AASS relies on funding grants, donations and sponsorships to meet its operational costs. Despite these financial obstacles AASS has grown in size and been able to expand its range of service delivery.

Services include:

  • NDIS provider;
  • Support groups;
  • Early years therapy and support playgroup;
  • Social skills and therapy group;
  • Young adult social group;
  • Autism library;
  • AASS House;
  • Assessments and diagnosis;
  • Speech therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Psychology;
  • Behaviour Management;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Music Therapy;
  • Art Therapy/Play;
  • Social Skills Therapy;
  • Young Adult Social Group;
  • Parent supports in English and Arabic;
  • Professional development;
  • Sensory toy and resource shop; and
  • 24 hour Autism hotline.

Visit  https://aass.org.au/Services/#SupportGroups or call/email 9601 2844 info@aass.org.au for more information.

Families Together is funded by the Department of Education and sponsored by Fairfield City Council to provide parenting sessions to mothers, fathers, grandparents and carers who have children from birth to age 6. Information is available to parents and carers who live in Fairfield, Liverpool and Bankstown.

If sessions are planned in Liverpool, parents from Bankstown and Fairfield are also invited.

Some of the parenting sessions held through Families Together has included:

  • guiding children’s behaviour;
  • enhancing self esteem;
  • supporting anxious children;
  • positive parenting; and
  • nutrition.

For more information please call the Project Officer for Families Together - 0407 708 626.

Go4Fun is a FREE healthy kids program for kids aged 7-13 above a healthy weight and their families. At Go4Fun kids and parents learn about healthy eating and physical activity using fun, lively activities games. Go4Fun builds self-esteem and confidence in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Go4Fun runs after school during the school term for 10 weeks.

Visit the Go4Fun website or call 1800 780 900 for more information.

KidsXpress is a program that addresses the link between childhood trauma and adverse life outcomes. The KidsXpress Group Expressive Therapy Program utilises music, art, drama and play therapies to help children address traumatic life challenges. Fully approved as an Evidence-Based Program by the DSS, and facilitated by qualified therapists, this targeted group-based program enables children to express themselves in a safe and supported space. Delivered weekly over a school term, participation is by referral only.

Visit KidsXpress and speak or email David Anthony the Program Manager for Western Sydney

Koorana is a community owned non-profit organisation, established over 40 years ago, who provides early education as well as child disability services across the Inner West and South West areas of Sydney.

Koorana provides diverse services to give you the skills and support your family needs for your children to happily and confidently learn, make friends and reach their potential.

They offer services such as:

  • Service and transition support
  • Home and community based learning;
  • Speech therapy;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • SIBs club; and
  • MyTime - for carers.

Koorana’s occupational therapists can support your child to develop their independence through self-care, social, coordination and concentration skills.

Visit Koorana Services for more information.

Starting Blocks provides parents with information about registered early childhood education and care and out of school hours care to help them make the best choice for their child and family.

Starting Blocks is a starting point to:

Our aim is to provide you and your family with trusted information, all in one place

Visit Starting Blocks Find a Child Care page.

SPARK is a settlement support program of the St Vincent de Paul Society for newly arrived refugee and asylum seeker families. SPARK partners with primary schools in Western Sydney, and uses volunteers and other community organisations to support the settlement of newly arrived families and create opportunities to engage with local communities.

SPARK inspires inclusive communities by creating opportunities for newly arrived and settled families to meet and build meaningful connections.

Our work includes:

  • Providing   children with educational, aspiration building and recreational programs
  • Providing parent   programs, workshops and events that offer opportunities to build   educational and language skills, increase social connection and provide   support and referrals
  • Building   the capacity of the community to support the settlement of newly arrived   families. We do this by partnering with and offering training to local   schools, community organisations and bilingual workers.

Visit St Vincent de Paul The SPARK Program or call 4621 5557

The Transition To School program is a preventative program that supports families to successfully transition to school by building children’s essential emotional, social and communication skills. Our program is unique as it involves parents in music therapy and book reading training with their children. The program also includes a preventative Speech Pathology program for the children targeting vocabulary, abstract thinking skills and phonological awareness. The program is a collaboration between Ready Set Go speech pathology, Sing&Grow music therapy, Karitane and Mission Australia.

Transition To School runs for 16 weeks (1 session per week). The face to face program consists of a weekly 3 hour session at a local school with parents/carers present for the first 1.5 hours. I have attached our two flyers for more information.

C4C also funds free speech pathology and music therapy services