Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety Policy

Liverpool City Council (Council) is committed to providing and ensuring a safe work environment for all Employees, Contractors, Volunteers, & Visitors to Councils premises and workplace.

This is achieved by ensuring the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (NSW) & Work Health & Safety Regulations 2017 (NSW) are adhered to along with the guidelines published by SafeWork NSW.

Liverpool City Council is committed to ensuring all reasonable measures are in place to eliminate work practices, behavior’s, risks & hazards which have the potential to cause harm to our employees, contractors, volunteers & visitors.

Liverpool City Council exercises & demonstrates due diligence, compliance with legislation and continuous improvement of the safety management system and culture to provide a safer environment.

Council's Work Health & Safety policy is publicly available for viewing - download Liverpool City Council's WHS Policy.

Contractors & Suppliers

Providing Good & Services to Council as a contractor or supplier requires an understanding and compliance to Councils Work Health & Safety policy, procedures, procurement requirements, risk management requirements and contractor management systems.

Council expects that contractors and suppliers demonstrate & provide a safe system of work at all times.

Council will request documentation to review, which will assist in determining the methods and practices to ensure a safe environment and workplace.

Some documentation might include:

  • A Certified WHS Management System
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Completion of Site Inductions & providing all relevant licences, competencies, & insurances
  • Demonstration of adherence to Councils site safety rules

Further requirements may be required upon successful engagement with council.

Download the WHS Site Safety Rules

SafeWork NSW

As the NSW Work Health and Safety regulator, SafeWork NSW provides advice, publications and works shops to assist improving Work Health and Safety practices, provides licences and registration for high risk and dangerous works, undertakes investigations of workplace incidents and prosecutions for breaches of the Legislation.

Liverpool City Council conforms to the requirements stipulated by the regulator and expects that contractors and suppliers demonstrate a high awareness and implements safe systems at all times, with guidance from Legislative material, Codes of Practice and publications made available from SafeWork NSW.

The SafeWork NSW website provide valuable information and documentation for everybody who wants to do business with Council. Liverpool City Council encourages the site is visited to assist with requirements when engaged by Council.