Swimming Pools and Spas

Council is responsible for administering the Swimming Pools Act, 1992 and the Swimming Pools Regulation, 1998. Residents must check with Council that their pool complies with the requirements of both acts.

Applications and Compliance

A Development Application (DA) must be lodged with Council if you intend to build a swimming pool.

Alternatively, an application for a Complying Development Certificate can be lodged with an accredited certifiers. The swimming pool must meet the standards outlined in the State Environmental Planning Policy in order for it to be considered as complying development.

For more information please email Liverpool City Council.

Safety and Compliance

The NSW Government Swimming Pool Register provides  pool safety information, pool compliance inspections and a list of private certifiers who are authorised to issue swimming pool certificates of compliance or non-compliance.

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections

All public swimming pools and spa baths of various sizes are regularly tested by Environmental Health Officers to ensure that appropriate water quality standards and practices are adhered to.

Pool operators must also be aware of the procedures for minimising the risk of Cryptosporidium in pools.  Cryptosporidiosis is transmitted through water that has been contaminated with faeces and is extremely resistant to standard levels of disinfection chemicals, such as chlorine. For specific guidelines to assist pool operators in maintaining a Cryptosporidium free pool, please review the NSW Health Information on Cryptosporidiosis Control Guidelines.

Public pools and spa baths are required, under the provisions of the Public Health Act 2010 to comply with the NSW Health Department’s Pool Advisory Guidelines.