Why Liverpool?

Liverpool is the centre of South West Sydney, a region with a rapidly growing multicultural population. The Liverpool City Council area is one of the largest Local Government Areas in metropolitan Sydney. The City encompasses a total land area of 305 square kilometres and 42 suburbs, with a population of 214,100.

While Liverpool's rapid population growth itself creates momentum for new business opportunities, Council is mindful that significant challenges exist in ensuring that local employment growth keeps pace with population growth. The NSW Government's A Metropolis of Three Cities – The Greater Sydney Region Plan identifies Liverpool as a Strategic Centre with priorities being the commercial core and planning for long-term employment growth.

Liverpool's competitive advantages lie in the health and medical, distribution and logistics, professional services and advanced manufacturing services and provide an impetus for the creation of high quality jobs across the local government area. Liverpool's status as Sydney’s third CBD is also important in drawing a range of new retail and services jobs to the Liverpool city centre.

Liverpool City Council recognises the importance of small business in retaining and creating jobs in the local government area and is creating an environment where small business can capitalise on growth opportunities.

The thrust of Liverpool City Council's efforts to assist economic growth in the area involves:

  • Attracting job-generating investment to Liverpool consistent with the area's competitive strengths;
  • Working with existing business to assist them to grow and improve competitiveness;
  • Working with employers to engage and train local people.

Liverpool's Economic Development Strategy 2019 - 2029 outlines the key economic priorities, actions and targets that will guide the growth of Liverpool's economy over the next ten years.

The Strategy is accompanied by the Liverpool Investment Profile, the Liverpool Economic Profile, and six industry profiles below:

Shaping Future Cities – Designing Western Sydney - Deloitte

Deloitte has worked with business and government to create a blueprint for the economic transformation of Western Sydney: a vision that unites the multiple stakeholder perspectives on how to transform and restructure the region, in order to create 200,000 great new jobs by 2020.

Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney outlines how best to enable people to work, live and play in the Western Sydney area, rather than commuting to the Sydney CBD. This, in turn, will encourage residents to build strong local communities, which will create more jobs and a greater sense of local pride and prosperity. The blueprint ultimately provides an agreed action plan to make the vision a reality.

Our Greater Sydney 2056 - Western City District Plan – connecting communities – Greater Sydney Commission

A Metropolis of Three Cities is the region plan for Greater Sydney. It is built a vision of three cities where most residents live within 30 minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places – Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City.

The Western City District Plan is a 20-year plan to manage growth in the context of economic, social and environmental matters to achieve the 40-year vision for Greater Sydney. The District Plan informs local strategic planning statements and local environmental plans, the assessment of planning proposals as well as community strategic plans and policies.

Land Use Infrastructure Implementation Plan (LUIPP) – Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Western Sydney Airport will be a game-changer for the region. Strategic planning for the greenfield land around the airport will unlock opportunities to deliver new jobs and homes supported by key infrastructure in the heart of Western Sydney, bringing us another step closer to realising a 30-minute city.

The Department of Planning and Environment has been working with all levels of government through the Planning Partnership to draft the Stage 1 Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (Stage 1 Plan) for the Aerotropolis. The Stage 1 Plan provides an overview of proposed land uses and the sequence of development that will deliver Sydney's newest economic hub.

Liverpool City Council has a dedicated City Economy Unit that can be contacted on (02) 8711 7603 or business@liverpool.nsw.gov.au.